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The Arctic Like You’ve Never Seen – 5 Unmissable Cruises

Today, more cruisers are wanting to visit less accessible parts of the world and experience new adventurers and cultures. Enter the Arctic. About as far away from the Mediterranean as you can get, the Arctic is a frozen wilderness where

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You Can’t Just Fall Off A Cruise Ship!

You can’t just fall off a cruise ship, it’s virtually impossible! The news in recent days has been dominated by the story of Kay Longstaff, a woman who claims to have “fallen off” Norwegian Star. I don’t believe she fell.

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Music Festivals On Cruises: Attracting A Whole New Demographic

Cruise aficionados know very well how incredible cruises are, but a lot of people who’ve never been on one are often unsure if the whole experience is for them. Of course, cruises are in fact for everyone, but with the

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Why Are Cruises So Popular?

The popularity of the cruise holiday has grown massively in recent years and for us that eat, sleep and breathe cruising, we really aren’t surprised. A cruise is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel, and I can prove

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The Things I Miss When I’m Not At Sea

There are so many things I miss when I am not at sea. I suppose they are all collectively responsible in a way for my love of all things cruise. Some things that I miss are more obvious than others,

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What Standards Should You Expect On A Luxury Cruise Ship?

All aboard! It’s time to roll out the red carpet and step into the land of luxury and style. Many cruise ships have upped their game when it comes to offering guests the ultimate experience. Providing VIP treatment around the

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Planning For A World Cruise

There are just 3-days to go until I join Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines ‘Black Watch’ on her 108-night World Cruise and honestly, it still doesn’t feel real – even though I am almost packed. I don’t think it’s going to

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London Cruise Show 2018

With cruise lines sailing to some of the most remote locations on earth, it can be overwhelming deciding which route is right, but the London Cruise Show aims to connect cruise enthusiasts with their perfect cruise. From health and wellness

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For The Love Of Sea Days

The sea day, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I love a sea day just as much as I do a port day. It’s the only time I get to sit back and do absolutely nothing. For

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A Guide To Cruises In Macau

Since March 2014, Macau has started welcoming luxury cruise ships to its port after many decades in the doldrums. The port of Macau is in shallower water than neighbouring Hong Kong, which has meant that the largest global cruise lines

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