Five Photos We All Take On A Cruise!

When we cruise, we take pictures of just about everything we come across, after all, we want to document our memories and for many of us, we also want to share our adventures with friends and family. I take more photos of some things than others, but these are the top five cruise photos that I’m confident we have ALL taken and on more than one cruise.

1: Standing in Front of the Ship

We’ve all done it, arrived somewhere new and had the perfect opportunity to photobomb the ship, so that’s exactly what we go ahead and do. I don’t think any cruise would be complete without the obligatory “photo in front of the ship” shot and I have seen some fantastic ones in the last few years. If you have any, be sure to share them with me on Facebook. This is one of my favourites from a cruise I did back in 2013. I was onboard Balmoral and decided to have a selfie with Carnival Pride, as she sailed from Port Canaveral.

2: Life Jacket Selfie

The life jacket selfie is pretty much law for first-time cruisers. Let’s be honest, who didn’t get a kick out of taking one on their first sailing? I’m 50+ cruises in and I still do it! I think we all temporarily forget what the life jacket symbolises because we hope we never have to use it, we just see the fun in being on a ship and having a fashion show with our little orange friend.


3: The Food

The food we enjoy at sea is some of the best in the world and that warrants a space on the camera memory card for most of us. We indulge in cuisines we’d likely not try at home and we want to savour the memories forever. I’ve enjoyed some delicious dishes over the years and I’m partial to a lobster tail here and there, especially in East to West on Saga Sapphire. I’m also a big fan of curry and I really enjoyed the tikka masala option in the Golden Lion Pub on Queen Mary 2. I’ve had the chance to sample so many new and tasty things since I started cruising and I do miss the food when I’m at home.

4: The Sunset

I am yet to embark on a cruise and not take a photograph of the sunset. It’s one of the things I love most about cruising. An unobstructed horizon with Mother Nature casting incredible colours across the sky. It’s a chance to sit out on deck, forget about everything that is going on in life and simply admire the view. It’s peaceful and we all need those moments sometimes.

5: The Tender

I think this one may be more relevant for first time cruisers, but I will admit that I still take the occasional tender picture. The tender is not for everyone, but I enjoy it and always try to sit up top if the weather is good (and if there is a second level) as it’s the ideal place for taking photographs of your ship as you leave her behind for the day. It’s a fun part of the overall cruise experience and I do love a tender port.

Would the above be in your top 5? If not, what would?


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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3 comments on “Five Photos We All Take On A Cruise!
  1. Love this post Danielle.
    I am guilty of taking all of the photos you mention, and many more of course, but here is my favourite one of the life jacket brigade – me, my daughter and my mother in law, on Queen Victoria back in 2010.

  2. Love it! Definitely got a lot of these! x

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