10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Cruise Ship Godmothers

Audrey Hepburn christens the original Star Princess in 1989 – image credit: Princess Cruises

The role of cruise ship Godmother has traditionally been served by one individual, usually a woman, but there have been a few exceptions over the years. In 2009, Oasis of the Seas was christened by 7 Godmothers, including Gloria Estefan and Jane Seymore, and in 2015, male rapper Pitbull became Godfather to Norwegian Escape. It’s a huge honour to be asked to christen a ship and we’ve seen many famous faces over the years filling that role, but there are also a few you may not be familiar with.

Here are 10 celebrities that you (maybe) didn’t know were cruise ship Godmothers.

Dame Julie Andrews – Crystal Serenity

Dame Julie Andrews christened Crystal Cruises ‘Crystal Serenity’ in Southampton, in 2003. The Hollywood legend wore a pink skirt and jacket and she oozed Hollywood glamour as she watched the bottle of champagne break against the ships hull. She returned to the ship in 2005 as a celebrity guest for Serenity’s 101-night world cruise.

Whoopi Goldberg – Serenade of the Seas

Originally, Whoopi Goldberg was Godmother to Viking Serenade, but the ship left the fleet in 2002. When Serenade of the Seas entered service, her Godmother-status was resumed. In true Whoopi style, she asked at the ships christening if being Godmother now meant she had to put it through college. Serenade of the Seas was the first Royal Caribbean ship to sail an inaugural season from New York City.

Audrey Hepburn – Star Princess (1989)

Dressed to impress in a nautical-style outfit, complete with elegant white hat, Audrey Hepburn named Star Princess in Fort Lauderdale, in 1989. Following the ceremony, Audrey sailed on Star Princesses maiden voyage to the Caribbean.

Angela Lansbury – Crystal Symphony

In 1995 Angela Lansbury christened the luxury cruise ship ‘Crystal Symphony’ in New York before she began her 25-day maiden voyage from the Big Apple to Los Angeles. More than 600 people turned up for the event.

Princess Diana – Royal Princess (1984)

Diana, Princess of Wales named Royal Princess in Southampton back in November 1984. The ship then went on to become P&O Cruises ‘Artemis’ before joining Phoenix Reisen in 2011 and being renamed ‘Artania’.

Joanna Lumley – Viking Odin & Sea Princess

The wonderful Joanna Lumley named Viking River Cruises’ ‘Viking Odin’ during a ceremony in Amsterdam, in 2012, but that wasn’t her first Godmother role. In 2005, she christened Princess Cruises’ ‘Sea Princess’ during a star-studded ceremony in Southampton.

Dame Helen Mirren – Ventura

Dame Helen Mirren named Ventura in Southampton, in 2008. It was a 007 themed event and there were numerous celebrities in attendance. Dame Helen admitted that until Ventura, she’d never set foot on a cruise ship.

Dame Judi Dench – Carnival Legend

A true British Icon and one of our most-loved actresses, Dame Judi Dench had the honour of christening Carnival Legend during a ceremony in Harwich, in 2002. Most naming ceremonies go without a hitch, but not this one! It took 3 attempts to smash the bottle and when it finally did break, it left Dame Judi covered in champagne.

Margaret Thatcher – Regal Princess (1991)

Even I didn’t know this, but the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher became Godmother to Princess Cruises’ ‘Regal Princess’ on August 8, 1991, in New York. The ship has been sailing for P&O Cruises Australia as ‘Pacific Dawn’ since 2007.

Kim Cattrall – Norwegian Dawn

Cattrall named Norwegian Dawn during a ceremony in Manhattan, in 2002. It was a huge event with appearances from the cast of ‘Rent’ and musical numbers from the Harlem Boys’ Choir.

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    Mary Tyler Moore – Crystal Harmony

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