3 Ways To Entertain Yourself During Sea Days On A Cruise

The vast open water. The lush confines of the swaying cabin. The ability to wander around and never really get lost. The tastes and sensations of different cultures are absorbed with just the right measure of excitement and home comforts. There’s a lot to love about cruises and travelling. But, depending on how much entertainment is available on your ship, how busy it can get and how much you feel like venturing out during choppier journeys, there can be times when you need a distraction. So, what can you do to pass time from port to port?

Play Some Sea Games

How exciting to be out in the open water and playing a game based on the big blue below you. Dozens of games take the theme of the water and what lies within it to create an engaging and immersive experience. The Mr Green android app, for example, features over 300 games and a vast ocean of never-ending entertainment, including Atlantis. Ridiculous Fishing is a mobile fishing game in you use any means necessary – including chainsaws and toasters – to get the fish out of the water. Sunken Secrets is Farmville set in an underwater world, that includes magical worlds and underwater farming. The options are all there in abundance, you just have to take your pick.

Read Some Sea Books

Moby Dick and The Old Man and the Sea may be a little droll now, but they are classics for a reason – the ocean was written as a character itself. Journey to the Centre of the Earth features the ocean in the Earth’s crust, while Vampirates blends the popular themes of vampires and pirates to create a gripping young adult adventure. Reading in the same environment in which a book is set is a great way to better connect with the text and really understand what the author was getting at. Especially when the ocean plays such a big part. Or, you could find something that features crossing the water incidentally to reach another country.

Watch Some Sea Movies

If you’re all at sea for what to do and just want to lie back and feel the current rocking you, then there’s nothing better than watching some movies that evoke the ocean. We’d probably stay away from The Shallows and Jaws and veer more towards Aquaman, The Heart of the Sea, Finding Nemo, Moana and the Pirates of the Caribbean films. You can really tell when a film is supposed to evoke the essence of the ocean and watching something that resonates with those feelings while you’re adrift yourself can bring a sense of calm and comfort.

Not all cruises are jam-packed with excitement the entirety of the time. Sometimes it’s good to sit back and simply feel the ship propelling itself through the water while you do something else. But, keep the open ocean on your mind by engaging with some content created to extol the virtues of the sea.


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