How To Choose The Right Marella Cruise Ship

Those of you constantly planning your next bout of wanderlust are increasingly choosing to see the world via the seas, thanks to the opportunity to visit multiple destinations on one voyage. It’s true, cruising is fast becoming a favourite holiday option with travellers of all ages. Marella Cruises is not only aware of this, it is ready to step up and offer a variety of different ships, catering to the desires of holidaymakers from all walks of life.

Forget what you know about cruises

Once the preferred holiday style of older generations, seemingly exclusively, cruising has come a long way in a short time, with younger crowds and families reportedly choosing to get on board. You might ask why – the simple answer is that large cruise lines such as Marella have sought to personalise the experience as much as possible. With on-board activities and food offerings now reflecting the interests of vastly different crowds, not to mention an ever-increasing selection of once-in-a-lifetime destinations to see, holidaymakers are enjoying a whole new world of travel.

Take a look at the fleet below and see which ship is most geared towards you and your needs.

For the foodies

Eleven decks play host to seven restaurants, serving up a huge range of cuisines. You won’t have to worry about feeling too crowded, either, as the Discovery is one of the largest ships in the fleet. From top-class roasts to tapas and gourmet specialties, there’s nothing that your taste buds won’t want to sample – and kids are well catered for, too.

A range of chic bars offer adult-only evening entertainment and when you feel as though you might have overindulged (just a tad) there are plenty of sporting facilities to take advantage of, such as a jogging track and mini-golf course.

Cruising without the kids

Not everybody takes the kids on holiday with them and for those of you that want a more refined and peaceful experience, the Explorer 2 could be the ideal ship. Launching in 2019, she is a state-of-the-art vessel designed to impress, with a host of upmarket dining options, amazing bars and indulgent Champneys spa facilities to die for.

Eight restaurants and 10 bars make for unending gastronomic possibilities and thanks to the all-inclusive nature of the ship, you won’t have to pay a penny extra for anything. The entertainment is second to none as well.

Mediterranean magic

If you’re more guided by where you want to go as opposed to how you get there and you have a hankering to see more of the Med, the Discovery 2 is the perfect choice. A colossal ship, she almost exclusively visits destinations across the Mediterranean, while offering luxury, fun and relaxation.

While the sights of the countries on your itinerary will be at the top of your must-see list, there is plenty to do on board as well. ‘Movies by Moonlight’ is particularly popular with couples who fancy snuggling under a blanket and the stars to watch a film.

Glitz and glamour

If you’re looking for a little more indulgence and opulence, the Celebration is worth considering. Famous for her two-storey spa, luxury dining rooms and beautifully finished cabins, the Celebration is a smaller member of the fleet, but packs a big punch in terms of really looking after the passengers on board.

To add a little extra glitz, there is an on-board casino, Broadway Show Lounge and the chance to participate in dance classes.

One for families

The Marella Dream prides herself on being all about your leisure time, which is why she has a huge number of activities for passengers of all ages to try.

While adults will enjoy the casino, shops, art gallery and spa facilities, kids are particularly well taken care of on the Dream, with their own swimming pool and a stage school. The Kids’ Club also allows parents to enjoy a little quiet time, while the little ones are supervised, safe and given an outlet for their energy.

The great all-rounder

They say you can’t please all the people all the time, but the Explorer begs to differ. By offering a wide range of entertainment, dining options and kid-friendly activities, holidaymakers of all ages are guaranteed to enjoy their time at sea.

With both sports and family decks ready to be enjoyed, as well as a cinema and more restaurants than you’ll believe, nobody will have time to get bored on the Explorer.

When it comes to booking a cruise, it’s all about prioritising what you want to get out of the experience. Are you looking for amazing food? Perhaps perpetual pampering is more your thing? Whatever your driving force, there will be a perfect ship for you.

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