Excursions With a Difference

Today’s rant, excuse me, blog, is going to be about excursions. Everyone loves a good sightseeing trip but is anyone else getting a tiny bit bored with the same old same old?

I took an excursion on my cruise in November that really was something a little different and more importantly EXCITING!!

It was simply titled “Godfathers Footsteps” and it really was right up my street. I have a soft spot for the typical “mob” movies and have always been a fan of The Godfather trilogy so to have the chance to visit where some of the famous scenes were shot was my ideal kind of excursion. It also, if you hadn’t guessed already, is in Sicily which is a country I fell in love with 4 years ago.

The small village itself is called Savoca and sits quite literally at the top of what felt like a mountain. It was breath taking! I had not in all honesty quite expected to be so mesmerized by my surroundings. We visited the famous church where Al Pacino’s character got married and then we headed off down to the infamous Bar Vitelli (which I might add was fantastic) then had a chance to take some photographs and have some general free time.

From our perch way up high above what felt like the rest of the world we had such an intense view and from our next location just 20 minutes or so away had the chance to view Mount Etna and again take in the incredible view.

I recently read an article in Cruise International that hit the nail on the head with regards to an “excursion with a difference”.

AMAWaterways offers a Ghost Walk excursion on cruises of the Rhone from Lyons to Aries on board AmaDagio. The ship has an evening stay alongside the abandoned medieval town of Viviers and the stop here includes the ghost walk. Now who wouldn’t want to do something like this? It’s different, sounds exciting and is probably a huge adrenalin rush. Everyone loves a good ghost story but to have that and do some possible ghost hunting, well, just call yourself Yvette Fielding and lead the way on your investigation.

If only there were a few more like this one all would be perfect.

As I can’t add a mountain of images here I have created an album on the CruiseMiss facebook of my trip to Savoca, Sicily. I hope you enjoy it and can get a feel for just how amazing this location was. Savoca is accessible from the port of Messina.

Photo Album – http://on.fb.me/GPrsW0

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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