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A Visit To Edinburgh Zoo

On Saturday I spent the day at Edinburgh Zoo. It was a great day out and we definitely hit lucky for the weather! Apart from one shower, the day remained dry and pleasantly warm. I know you are thinking what

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Capuchin Catacombs Palermo

A few weeks ago I touched on the importance of an excursion with a difference, how as much as we love to be the typical tourists sometimes it is nice to come across an adventure with a slightly different appeal.

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Excursions With a Difference

Today’s rant, excuse me, blog, is going to be about excursions. Everyone loves a good sightseeing trip but is anyone else getting a tiny bit bored with the same old same old? I took an excursion on my cruise in

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The Bay of Islands welcoming committee came out in full force to greet us this morning. It was breathtaking, there were #dolphins everywhere - even a baby came to greet us! #NewZealand #marinelife #BayOfIslands #paihia I have a massive fear of heights, but yesterday I put my big girl pants on and went up the #SkyTower in #Auckland #NewZealand. I was TERRIFIED, but I DID IT! The views are absolutely incredible and I was so happy the sky was clear. 
Fun facts:

It took two years and nine months to build, at a cost of NZ$85 million. 
It's 328 metres high

Has 1,267 stairs from the base to the Sky Deck

I went to 2 levels: Sky Deck at 722 feet and the Main Observation Level at 610 feet.
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