Strange Dreams

Experts say we dream every night we just don’t always remember them. They also say dreams can be a premonition of the future but something is telling me my dream last night was definitely NOT a sneak peek at what’s to come in my life. It was so unusual though I just had to share it with you.

The first thing I remember is asking to briefly leave a lesson at school and meet my friend Rachel.  Meet up we did and off we went, skipping school in style and we were definitely not in England anymore. It reminded me more of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, it wasn’t England that’s for sure. The next thing I recall is my friend getting a phone call and being pretty annoyed throughout it, I remember tugging at her, what what what, tell me what’s wrong. When she hung up the phone she turned to me and said I don’t believe her, she’s only been in it five minutes and she’s leaving. Who’s leaving what??? I snapped at her. Sela Ward is leaving at the end of this season. (Now I am assuming Sela Ward dropped into my dream because I was watching CSI: NY before I went to bed last night, other than that I have no idea why she was there or why my friend and I would be getting a call to say she was leaving)

This really would not surprise me now!

After that crazy little segment (this is the cruise bit I promise) I suddenly ended up at a dock, I can’t remember exactly if I started on a ship or not but I remember sitting on a coach and to my left was a Thomson ship, now, this was no ordinary Thomson ship. It looked like the Thomson Dream but as I got closer it was actually called……wait for it because I have no idea where on earth this came from but the name was “The Kalkuta For Men Only”. As we got towards the stern of the ship I distinctly remember seeing a woman trying to board. She was standing on a 2 step stool throwing her cases over the side rail and jumping as high as she could to get on board, at one point almost falling off! But the weirdest thing was that this looked as if it were the normal way to board this ship. (I know some of you will be visualising this and yes it looked exactly the same in my mind as it probably does in yours 😉 )

We carried on down the dock looking for our cruise ship, next ship we came across was the “Costa Romantica” however it looked nothing like the Romantica. It was very square, almost building like at the front and very tall but the back was as low as a cargo vessel, the deck almost on the waterline. In fact it was more or less a white and yellow cargo ship.

Suddenly we reach our destination, I don’t remember seeing a ship or boarding one but next thing I knew on board some kind of vessel I was and it was amazing. There was a massive water adventure park which was in the shape of a crocodile and if you carried on further along the deck there was an Olympic sized swimming pool. Ok well length wise it was but it was only three lanes wide. This ship was colossal and it was full of people I had gone to school with. There was one guy who popped up that I have not actually seen in almost 10 years.

I very much doubt this would even make me look twice

I remember as we left this rather unusual dock there were ships everywhere, it was almost like a marina but for giant cruise ships. A lot of the docked ships were also raised at the bow and set lower into the water at the stern. Almost like they were on some kind of low rider hydraulics system. Oh how I wish I could have taken photos in my mind and then printed them for you.

Then I woke up……..

I think it’s fair to say it was just a dream and is definitely not a glimpse into my future. I left school almost ten years ago, I very much doubt someone would call my friend if Sela Ward was leaving CSI and I don’t think it would ever possible to fit an Olympic size swimming pool onto a cruise ship. I also very much doubt passengers would ever be asked to more or less pole vault onto their chosen cruise ship in order to get on board 😉

I think the dream fairies had a great time with my mind last night…..the crazy ones sure did anyway!!

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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