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I think one of the most appealing things about a cruise holiday is simply the fact you can quite literally wake up in a new and exciting place almost every single day.  One day you are in Cannes, soaking up the atmosphere of the French Riviera and the next you could be in the bustling city of Barcelona, Spain. Who wouldn’t want the chance to experience what that feeling is like.

I must admit that really was the first thing that appealed to me with regards to cruising. It wasn’t the relaxation or the ship it was simply because I could wake up in a new place every day. Over time the ship took the main stage and the ports became a second thought. (That was until Egypt popped up on one cruise but then we never managed to get there L )

When I speak to non-cruisers about cruising they all go along the same predictable chatter route. They are all concerned about the ship moving too much and feeling trapped but would all agree the fact you can visit so many different places on one trip really does have a huge appeal. That seems to be the biggest decider as to whether someone steps on board for their first cruise or not. Good job just about every single corner of the globe is available to us via cruise ship.

In the last 12 months I have managed to get two of my non cruising friends onto a cruise ship and both enjoyed every second of it. It was a nice experience for me too as both had totally different views of a cruise. One had never even thought about it or considered it until I persuaded her; the other had always hoped she would cruise one day. They both now are not quite as hooked as I am but they are certainly what I would now call “cruisers”.

My up-coming cruise (in 41 days) shall be the second for my “newbie cruiser” friend. This time it is also a much smaller ship in comparison to her first so I am hoping for her sake the weather is steady, but I’m also secretly hoping that it’s a bit choppy for my own 😉

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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