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The Maritime Skills Academy – A Behind The Scenes Taster On Mandatory Crew Training Courses

As passengers, when we cruise, one of the first things we must observe is the muster drill. We watch the video and sign-in at our respective muster stations, and then we never think about it again. It’s in place for

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Be Careful What You Shop For

When I cruise I tend to look for markets or stores that sell things I can’t get back home. As I have previously mentioned I seem to be fond of wall masks at the moment and have quite an interesting

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Save The SS United States

 I was approached recently via the CruiseMiss facebook page regarding helping to spread the word about the SS United States and the need for people just like you to help save her. America’s flagship, the SS United States was a

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Strange Dreams

Experts say we dream every night we just don’t always remember them. They also say dreams can be a premonition of the future but something is telling me my dream last night was definitely NOT a sneak peek at what’s

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