It’s Cruise Rant Time!

MSC-SplendidaIt’s that time of blog again, cruise rant time! As much as I enjoy my time at sea there are some things that irritate me. I decided today I would share a few of those irritations along with some little tips on how I personally try to overcome them and carry on with my day! 😉

Glasses in the buffet area. Why are they so small? Sometimes I wonder if I should be lining up shots with my Alpen of a morning because the glasses are about the right size for it. You have to take at least two and fill them to the brim to even feel like you have had a refreshing morning juice with your breakfast. If the size of the glass is not quite bad enough you also have your wonderful fellow passengers literally breathing down your neck because you are taking far too long to fill them at the dispenser. It’s a no win situation!  The same goes for the cups. They are tiny! I tend to take mine from the cabin and guard it on the open deck with my life, at least that way I know I can have a proper and FULL cup of tea!

Tip: At lunch when the juice is confiscated and we are only allowed water (only on some ships) try using ALL the sections on the dispenser. Only one may be labelled water but they are all filled with it! 😉

Towels in our cabins. Why do they never smell sweet or feel SUPER soft like our washing does at home? If I could find the P&O-Cruises-Venturaonboard laundry I would sneak in and pour a box of Surf (Tropical Lily and Ylang Ylang – with essential oils of course) into all the washing machines. Then you could smell that sweetness every time you step out of the shower! Same goes for the bed linen there’s just nothing there. Don’t get me wrong they are fresh they just don’t have that little floral number that I like on my laundry. I really missed this during my 5-week cruise.

Tip: If like me you miss the smell of fresh home washed laundry then take some linen spray with you. I am yet to do it but decided if I ever do another long voyage I will take a bottle with me.

People going up that want to go down. Why do they do it? The lift arrives at Deck 9 but they want to be on Deck 5 so saying as it is better to be in the elevator than not be in the elevator, they get in right at the front which means everyone that wants to get off on a higher Deck has to fight their way out. This gets on ALL OF MY NERVES and all at the same time. I have no problem with people doing this but at least let people get off! Please! I had this very experience in November but it was made ten times worse by the fact they had done it with luggage in tow! It was disembarkation day.

Tip: If you are wishing to go in the same direction as the lift then always try and stay near the front. This way if others get on that are going in the opposite direction you can still exit without having to fight your way from the back.

Independence-of-the-Seas-Royal-Caribbean-InternationalSunbed movers. I ask again, why do they do it? You find yourself a lovely sunny spot on the open deck and sit peacefully until lunch time comes calling. You leave your things on the lounger and off you go to fill your tummy for 20-minutes. When you come back your fellow passengers have re-arranged the deck because the sun has moved. You are now shoved in a corner and your drink is on the floor because someone has swiped the table upon which it was sitting. Why? I don’t mind people moving around but why does that mean you must insist on moving my belongings and then pinching the table? I have seen this happen several times and boy is it annoying. If someone has been gone a long time then fair enough feel free to move things or even take the sun lounger, but when someone has just literally left the Deck it becomes a tad annoying.

Tip: Make conversation with those resting next to you, instantly you form a passenger camaraderie and should anyone creep up and disturb things they will usually be the first to protect your space.

These are just a few of the things that test my patience onboard, what gets on your nerves?

Author: Danielle

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  1. I’m a lift culprit. So often the buggers don’t go your direction so it’s easier getting in one regardless. What annoys me are those able-bodied folk getting in to go up or down one deck.

    1. CruiseMiss says:

      Pat!!! Get out of the lift! 😉 I don’t mind people doing it if they let others off. It’s when they just stand there looking at you. It’s as though you are causing a major inconvenience because you want to get off. And agree on the one floor journey!

      1. LOL! That’s true. Worse when they don’t understand English. I generally use the lift for going up because of my back. Down is a cinch. 🙂

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