Celebrity Constellation Crew Member Goes Overboard

celebrity constellationThe Miami Coast Guard is currently searching for a crew member that went overboard from Celebrity Constellation in the Caribbean Sea.

Inyoman Bagiada, 45, of Indonesia is said to have fallen overboard early on Wednesday morning near the Yucatan Channel.

The incident took place at roughly 2.30am in the area of the Yucatan Channel about 20 miles off Cuba. But it was not until 10.30am that Bagiada was reported missing.

The cruise line says a pair of shoes were found next to a deck railing, and a review of closed-circuit camera footage showed “a person going overboard.” Officials said the ship’s location at the time the person went overboard was then reported to the Coast Guard. A spokeswoman for the cruise line said the man had already been in the water for a few hours once camera footage revealed what had happened.

Celebrity Constellation was returning to Port Everglades after a five-day cruise. She resumed her journey once the Coast Guard launched a rescue cutter and an HC-130 maritime helicopter to look for the missing man.


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