Crew Members That Make A Cruise Special!

Ventura-MadeiraI have shared a few blogs with you about crew members and the impact they have on our cruises, but I am yet to share with you the ones that come with a REAL fun and sometimes cheeky personality… that changes!

Meet the jokers at sea! 😉

I was in the main dining room enjoying a wonderful dinner, the starter and main course were delicious but I just couldn’t fit in a dessert so instead I opted for cheese and biscuits. Well kind of as I substitute the cheese for grapes so I guess its grapes and biscuits….anyway! I asked if I could have some crackers and grapes and the waiter politely obliged. He returned with a small plate containing 6 Jacob’s cream crackers and a small bowl containing ONE grape! I looked at the bowl, looked at my friend then looked at the waiter. I didn’t know what to say, his face was totally straight – no emotion at all. He left the plate on the table and walked away. I said to my friend “he has got to be kidding me, one grape” and as I turned my head to grab his attention I noticed he was standing by his station quite literally doubled over with laughter, in fact he was almost on the floor. After he composed himself he came across with a bowl full of delicious fresh grapes! I said to him what are you trying to do to me I thought you were being serious. He said he couldn’t resist and hoped I enjoyed the joke. Of course I did! But you had me concerned there for a moment!

He isn’t the only main dining room joker I have come across. I suspect they sometimes know who they can and cannot have a bit of Oceana-Midshipsfun with. For some reason they always know they can get away with just about any kind of joke with my friend and I.

One evening during my first cruise I asked the waiter if they could hold the tomatoes, he said “yes of course no problem” but then every night that followed he would pretend to put tomatoes on my plate. I was on a table of 8 during that cruise and we all found him such a joy to see every evening. A genuine soul with a kind heart. He was so funny! As luck would have it I bumped into him again last June and can you believe he remembered that I don’t like tomatoes! Of all the passengers he meets on a weekly basis and the fact I had not seen or spoken to him for 6 years, he still remembered that I don’t like tomatoes!!! Incredible!

My Caribbean cruise was 5-weeks long and the ideal type of cruise to become firm friends with many people both passengers and crew. We had a great little group of people on our Caribbean cruise and we would meet before dinner every evening. One evening we had met on Deck 12, there were about 7 of us around one table and then a few other passengers dotter here and there along the deck. One of the waiters on the bar was a real character and was obviously having such a great shift that he decided Ventura-Sunsethe would give us some entertainment for a few minutes. First of all he showed us his pole dancing skills and they were absolutely hilarious, we were all aching with laughter and several other passengers even stopped to cheer him on. He was working the pole in the middle of the deck like a pro and clearly loving every minute of it. He remained fully clothed I might point out! It wasn’t that kind of cruise! 😉 Eventually he got bored of this and moved on to tray spinning. Like when you spin a basketball on your finger, he was doing that with the drinks tray. He was pretty good too! By now he actually had quite a large audience, everyone was cheering him on! The tray was spinning faster and faster and he was trying to add other little tricks into it but then eventually it spun off. He raced down the deck after it, grabbed it and that was the end of that. It only lasted a few minutes but it was brilliant.

It’s all the little things like this that MAKE a cruise so special!

I have many other crew stories that I WILL share as time goes on. They work so hard they really do and I for one am very grateful!

Author: Danielle

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