A Day At Sea Italian Style

MSC-Opera-Swimming-PoolAt present we are sailing through the Bay of Biscay en-route to our next port of call, Vigo. The weather this morning was a little on the grey side but as the day has progressed the sun has broken through the clouds and is giving us all a true sunshine filled cruise.

So far it has been a great day! I woke up this morning and made my way down for breakfast, once again deciding to indulge in hash browns (but I may make that my last) hash browns ten mornings in a row would not be good for the waistline 😉 I also tried some of the bacon which was delicious and crispy! I hate nothing more than barely cooked bacon but they definitely know how to cook it properly on here! I was tempted to go back for more but decided against it. I do have some self-control but only very occasionally.

My next stop was the mid-ships pool area where already there were passengers enjoying the pools, board games, Jacuzzi’s and more than aMSC-Opera-Games few making good use of the bar. The entertainment crew and a few passengers were playing games around the pool, one of which consisted of bursting balloons. You were given a task with the balloon and the last person to pop theirs was out. For example they had to blow the balloon up then sit on it, blow it up until it burst literally in their face…..you get the picture. It was hilarious. After this they played poolside bingo and in 5 different languages which was interesting, but again there were a lot of people playing. It may have had something to do with the 25,000 euro jackpot! Yes, TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND!! How about that for a good day at sea if your numbers came up. Champagne all round!

After having sat enjoying the atmosphere for a few hours I then took myself off to explore the ship a little more, stopping at Teatro Dell’ Opera, the MSC Aurea Spa, shopping arcade 😉 and then the mini-golf course right at the back on Deck 13. The course was being used by quite a few families and it was incredibly warm up there. There is a slight breeze across the open decks but surprisingly nothing across 13 on the port side. If only there had been a chair I would have quite happily perched myself for a while.

Mexican-Buffet-MSC-OperaThere was a special ‘surprise’ buffet today on Deck 11, a Mexican selection which I opted to try for lunch. On offer – Mexican Style Beans, Chilli Con Carne, Vegetable Paella, Chicken Fajitas and a selection of fresh Breads and Cakes. I decided to try the vegetable paella and the chicken fajitas and both were very good. The Paella was full of all the things I enjoy, zucchini, peas, onion’s and although the Fajitas had a little too many bell peppers in for my liking once removed I thoroughly enjoyed that too. I decided this time I would indulge in more but as I turned the corner they were packing everything away, typical.

I have to say I am very much enjoying my time onboard MSC Opera, aside from one crew member who is severely testing my patience I can’t fault anything up to now. My cabin steward is wonderful and keeps leaving me towel animals every evening and morning. The staff in the bar on Deck 12 are a lot of fun and they seem to enjoy pouring passengers drinks with as much alcohol in as possible. I asked for a rum and diet coke two evenings ago, the guy pouring the drink shouted across to me ‘Daniella’ and with a cheeky smile on his face just kept pouring the Captain Morgan until I begged him to stop! It must have been 6 parts rum and half a part coke! I watched him do the same to another passenger last night who ordered a cocktail. The passenger was almost on the floor with laughter as was the waiter. Crew like him really do make your cruise stand out!

Right now I am sitting aft on Deck 10 enjoying the sound of the ships wake and looking out across the open ocean. Luckily my cabin is onlyMSC-Opera-Aft 3 from the back so it’s a convenient place to come and relax. Not many passengers have discovered this area yet and I’m hoping that remains, selfish I know but it’s so peaceful. The Bay of Biscay has been incredibly kind to us (unfortunately) and the ship is barely moving, you can feel the occasional pitch but that’s about it. In all it’s a perfect sea day.

We will be in Vigo tomorrow, fingers crossed it’s as hot and sunny as it was when I was there in June!

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Author: Danielle

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