Getting To Know MSC Opera

MSC-Opera-PoolIt’s a beautiful day aboard MSC Opera! The sun is shining, there are fun and games around the pool and everyone onboard seems to be having a great time! We don’t arrive at St Peter Port until 2pm and as it’s a tender port we each have a specific time slot, mine being at 3.15pm so given my free time this morning I decided to use it wisely and give you all an update. I wanted to talk more about the ship, facilities and what else is available onboard, so let’s get to it!

Let’s start with the Vitamin Bar. It’s not a bar as such, it’s a menu for some interesting drinks you can find mostly by the pools. I have looked over it a few times and there are some delicious choices and they are all included in the Allegrissimo drinks package, bonus! Some sound delicious very fruity and refreshing, but others make my toes curl at the thought of drinking them. One in particular which is called ‘Soothing Potion’ and consists of Basil, Cucumber, Spinach Leaves, Lime, Green Cabbage and Mint Syrup. I am sure it is very good for you, but I am yet to pluck up the courage and actually try it. Watch this space as now I have mentioned it I probably should give it a try!

As I mentioned the sun is shining, the water is flat calm and aside from a gentle breeze across the open decks it’s more or less a perfect MSC-Opera-Vitamin-Barmorning at sea. There were lots of things happening around the pool earlier including a game which involved jumping over a rope to the words Fanta and Coca-Cola. I spectated with interest and was just getting the hang of it when they added another beverage into the mix, Pepsi! When they said Pepsi you had to turn around on the spot. Those that got confused and either jumped on the wrong side or turned when they should have jumped were out until there was only one man standing. I think the words Fanta, Coco-Cola and Ciao Ciao will forever be stuck in my head.

There is ALWAYS something happening on this ship. At the moment I am sitting in the Cotton Club and they are having dance lessons, it’s all action packed, the music is loud and full of energy and aside from a few wrong steps those taking part are having a great time. When I left deck 11 they were selling Bingo tickets, music was playing and the entertainment crew were just generally mingling with passengers and having a good time. I suppose that’s them truly enjoying what they do and making the effort even when nothing is scheduled. I feel like the atmosphere on here is a lot more laid back than some other ships and the entertainment seems less regimented, it doesn’t just end and that’s it, it simply drifts into something else just as exciting.

I must say that I have not sampled the food onboard properly yet, between blogging, editing images, taking some relax time and sleep I have not had a chance to dine in the main restaurant and I will miss it again this evening for CruiseChat, but hey It’s not all about the tummy! I will say though that I grabbed a slice of pizza last night which was very nice and the ‘make your own sandwich’ area had a good selection. I went with the chicken salad which was delicious and the bread was incredibly fresh, you can’t beat a fresh baguette! Delicious!

MSC-Opera-PizzaI have also found another friend, this time a young girl who seems to have taken a liking to me. I think she is 10 and she is travelling with her grandparents, but whenever she see’s me now she runs over to tell me all about her day. She even asked her Nan if we could have a sleep over one night! I had to say thank you that would be a lot of fun but my sleep over days are long gone, I’m too old! 😉

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Author: Danielle

4 Comments Add yours

  1. tanya says:

    hi which drinks are included free with your meals please

    1. CruiseMiss says:

      Just water, tea and coffee as far as I can remember, Tanya.

  2. Flora says:

    Could you please tell me what the dress code is like ? are there formal and informal and casual !! I am on her in OCTOBER ! and would be grateful to know what to pack !!

    regards Flora x

    1. CruiseMiss says:

      Hi Flora there is a mix of formal, informal and casual. Hope that helps 🙂

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