I Love MSC Cruises

MSC-Opera-VigoIt’s been a few days since my last blog and so much has been happening that I don’t know where to begin on telling you all about it. It’s just fun, fun and more fun on this ship!

We called at Vigo and then yesterday Lisbon. At present we are on our way to Bilbao and much to my delight it’s a rather choppy sea day. The wind across the open decks is strong and the ship is pitching quite nicely.

Vigo and Lisbon were both very warm indeed, I decided to stay onboard in Lisbon and take the day easy, having some time to myself and soaking up some sun. I have visited Lisbon several times so it was nice to have the chance to do nothing for the day. I may be cruising solo but I have rarely spent a moment on my own which has been wonderful, but yesterday I appreciated some ‘down time’ for myself.

As always there have been things happening around the pool every day! Games, little competitions and even an ice cream sundae makingMSC-Opera-Lido demonstration. The gentleman made two ice cream sundaes on the open deck, one of the entertainment team asked us all a question and the passenger with the right answer won the ice cream. It was nothing magical but little things like this seem to get everyone involved and they are certainly a nice change. Although there are what feels like a million different nationalities onboard everyone gets involved and language is no barrier, it’s just all about having a good time and I love the atmosphere that attitude has created throughout the entire cruise.

The band onboard ‘Made in Italy’ are very good and they have entertained us around the pool on a few different occasions. We have no idea what they are singing about most of the time, I think I counted 2 English songs out of 12, but the music is wonderful and the girl on the keyboard has a very powerful voice. I’m not usually one for the bands but I really have enjoyed listening to them play.

MSC-Opera-LisbonWe were supposed to have a party on the open deck last night but it was moved to Deck 7 because it was cold, apparently. Some of us are British, to us it’s not cold it’s perfect, but obviously those from hotter climates were feeling the change of temperature in the air. We decided not to head down to the party, instead we continued chatting and enjoying a few drinks before heading up to Deck 12 where there was a crew party happening from midnight. Passengers were more than welcome but it was mostly crew, all having a great time and enjoying letting their hair down for a few hours.

Today I suppose I will take the day easy, it’s incredibly windy outside so enjoying the sun is definitely out of the question. This evening is a Gala night and the birthday of a lady that I have met onboard. She is the grandma of the little girl who took a shine to me just a day into the cruise so I am dining with them tonight, although she doesn’t know it yet. Her husband ordered a cake so no doubt it will be a nice surprise for her, I hope!

We only have two days of the cruise left and the closer it gets the more I don’t want to get off, I feel like this cruise has literally flown overMSC-Opera-Fruit-Carving and I’m not quite ready to leave it all behind just yet. I have to say that I really have had an incredible time. I have met some wonderful people and overall the experience on MSC Opera has been one I would like to do again and again, fingers crossed they can send more ships to the UK in the coming years.

Occasionally I have struggled with the food choices as there seems to be a lot of fish which I am not a lover of, but I have also tried a few new things including eggplant baked with mozzarella and tomato which was very nice and actually looked and tasted like lasagne. The carvery a few days ago was gammon and possibly the nicest gammon I have ever eaten. It was cooked perfectly and not too salty. The beef brisket yesterday was also very nice and as tender as could be. I have only ever had beef that tender when cooked by my mother and everyone knows you can’t beat your mums cooking, sorry mum you may have competition!

Hopefully I will get a chance to check-in with you all again before disembarkation. I am intending to explore Bilbao and Le Havre as both are ports I have never been too. I also need to fit in food (of course ;)) and at some point it might be wise to start packing saying as my cabin looks like a teenagers bedroom at the moment. I can’t help it, it happens every cruise only this time I have more surfaces to fill! 😉

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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4 comments on “I Love MSC Cruises
  1. Jean Oakleigh says:

    Gammon is boiled bacon but oh so good. Nothing like the bacon you have at breakfast time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog as I did this cruise from 5-15 August this year so have been reliving it all.

  3. Suzanne Fluhr (Just One Boomer) says:

    What’s gammon? I could Google it, but I’ll let you explain.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic cruise. And it looks like they certainly know how to do nice food on MSC Cruises. Thanks for the regular reports Danielle.

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