Animal Spotting

Maybe we will see Stingray's in Antigua

Maybe we will see Stingray’s in Antigua

As much as I enjoy the excitement of new lands and historical monuments I also like to see and where possible interact with wildlife I would rarely come across at home unless visiting a zoo.

I think overall the Caribbean will probably prove to be the best cruise yet with regards to the different animals and marine life I will have the chance to see and in their natural environment.

My friend and I have one animal based excursion booked but these are animals in captivity so it’s not the same as seeing them doing what they would do in their natural and wild environment.

Some of the animals we will see on our excursion I know we will come across in the wild too. A friend of mine has mentioned how you can often spot spider monkeys in the trees during the early morning hours in Barbados so we are hoping to dock early enough to leave and try and quietly experience this.

I want to catch a glimpse of just about everything! Crocodiles, exotic birds, lizards,

I am hoping to see Crocs from the ship whilst transiting the Panama Canal

I am hoping to see Crocodiles from the ship whilst transiting the Panama Canal

monkeys, dolphins, stingrays… name it I am hoping to see it and have the chance to get at least one photograph of each.

Since I started cruising I must admit I have been lucky enough to see an array of animals and marine life I would never see at home. I remember the first time I caught a pod of Dolphins playing at the side of the ship, this feeling to this day never gets old and as soon as something is spotted everyone jumps up to take a look.

What else have I seen on my travels……a rather large turtle in the waters just off Gibraltar, 2 whales in the waters surrounding Tenerife, a flying fish! I can’t remember exactly where I seen this but what an experience it was! It was like something out of a sci-fi movie and it really did take off above the water for quite some distance. I spotted a few lizards once in Civitavecchia but sadly one was well and truly squished, parakeet type birds in Cadiz. The list could go on and on but that’s another beautiful aspect of travel.

If there were one destination in the world where I believe the experience of wild animals could never be topped it would have to be Africa. I suppose it’s fair to say that an African Safari would sit very high up on my bucket list.

I would love to know what animals you have seen whilst on your travels and if you have any pictures please share them with us on the CruiseMiss facebook page.

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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