Sick Of Norovirus

Queen-Mary-2Today’s blog is more a rant than anything else, some will agree others will strongly disagree but this is just my opinion……………..

It seems that Norovirus is doing the rounds again, this time the Queen Mary 2 has taken the spotlight and just a few weeks back it was P&O Cruises, Oriana, being slaughtered by the press.

I have never (touch wood) encountered noro myself, and I don’t particularly want to either but what really bugs me (pardon the pun) is that 9 times out of 10 the virus is actually spread by PASSENGERS who do not wash their hands properly or at all!

Time after time people will blame the cruise line or jump down the throats of the crew but if we all just relax for a second it is clearly evident how the germs are spread.

Many a time I have witnessed passengers NOT use the hand gel when entering the dining Hand-Hygiene-Gelareas or not bothering to wash their hands after using the bathroom and it’s these people that cause the biggest part of the problem. I remember one cruise a lady offered me a plate but I couldn’t take it off her and I told her this was because she didn’t use the hand gel and I would appreciate it if she didn’t touch anything else and used it. Surprisingly I didn’t have my head removed from my shoulders by her, she respected what I had said and done just as I asked. I wasn’t being rude but had a noro outbreak happened I have no doubt she would have been one of the first passengers to create a fuss about it when she was probably one of the ones responsible for spreading it.

When I cruise I use the hand gel RELIGIOUSLY!!! I also take bottles of my own that I can take ashore or use when I am just generally milling about the ship. I’m not germ-a-phobic by any means but I respect how fast a bug can spread on a cruise ship. I also carry it with me so that after touching the door that leads in/out from the public restrooms I can once again germ free my hands. This is a tip I think everyone should follow. You can get small bottles of the anti-bac hand gels for as little as 60p!!

P&O-Cruises-OrianaI appreciate when there has been an outbreak on a previous cruise and new passenger’s board to find themselves being taken out one by one that this is when the cruise line is at fault. It must be a seriously difficult task to completely sanitise an entire ship but, it’s what we expect and what should be done 150% thoroughly. If it can’t be done in time then the sailing must be delayed, simple as that. This is exactly what P&O done with Oriana, she left port three hours later than scheduled so that they could ensure the ship was thoroughly cleaned, and there as far as I am aware were no more complaints about norovirus on the cruise that followed.

Nobody wants to become ill on holiday, especially on a ship so, PLEASE just wash your hands and USE the gels provided and take your own.

Thanks for reading! I just needed to let that out! 😉

Author: Danielle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to think that failure to wash hands was the cause of these outbreaks but have since learned via a book by Jay Herring that the great majority of these outbreaks are caused by eating contaminated food, mostly salads. I’m sure the cruise industry would prefer people believe that if you wash your hands you’ll be okay.

  2. sue fryer says:

    I, unfortunately, have been onboard a ship that contracted the norovirus (thankfully we didn’t get it), but to see so many passenger AND crew not using any gel or washing their hands after being to the toilet was amazing. It ruins the cruise as you are not able to even help yourself to food in the buffet areas and no extras on your dining table ie: salt and pepper etc.

    1. Joel H. Shain says:

      Wishing you a Happy, HEALTHY New Year to you and everyone!

      You are so fortunate you didn’t experience what this virus can do. It’s the bane of hospitals, cruise ships, any relatively close environment where people congregate.
      The easy, enjoyable means now available for every individual to secure a superior level of mutual hand hygiene safety is now available.

      Conversations I’ve been having in the last month with infectious disease physicians, nurses, and ordinary people who have been given samples of these products have all reflected extremely favorable reactions. The word will be getting out gradually, but this first month of release has been beyond exciting. (Six hour protection from a non-oily hand lotion that soothes and feels great?! Unheard of, until now.)

      If you or anyone is concerned about this unsatisfactory state of hand hygiene relying on yesterday’s technology, I’ll be happy to detail more specific information, whether for themselves or for any public or private venue which wants the best possible level of protection against serious viruses and common bacteria.

      Please let me know how I can help by email as indicated. Everyone deserves to know about a better way, and a best solution to a a resolvable common issue. Acting on that information is another matter for everyone to decide for themselves. It’s always a matter of choice, but now the choice is clearly defined.

      Yes, I would certainly welcome inquiries from any health professionals, infectious control doctors and nurses, cruise lines, hospital directors, individuals, schools, etc.

      When asked, “Who should be using these products?”, my answer is simply, “Everyone you know!” I’d love to be of assistance. JS

  3. Joel H. Shain says:

    News of this most recent outbreak of the norovirus led me to your fine blog site.

    There is now a fully tested antiseptic hand lotion and an antiseptic foaming cleansing soap, both effective against the norovirus, rotavirus, H1N1, Rhinoviruses 1 & 2, MRSA and VRE, plus the most commonly encountered bacteria! These items define a new class of hand hygiene practice. And one application lasts for up to six hours!!! 6 Hours! No other product anywhere can make those verifiable claims.

    The old fashioned, drying alcogels need to be reapplied EVERY time another object or someone’s hand is touched. Not so with this soothing lotion and foaming water-based soap. The hand lotion comes in three sizes: for personal, home, and public environmental uses. The soap is packaged for the latter two options.

    They are so new to the market that, sadly, there would have been no way the crew and passengers could have sailed with these products proactively protecting them.

    Welcome to the 21st century in advanced hand hygiene care, infection control, and hygiene protocol compliance! Yes, especially in hospitals.

    Things will be better now. A lot better!

    For more information please email:, or look for me, Joel H. Shain, on FaceBook or LinkedIn.

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