One Week Today

ocean-terminal-SouthamptonHello cruise-a-holics! I hope each and every one of you had an amazing Christmas! I know technically we are all still in Christmas mode but I am now well and truly in CRUISE mode!

At this time in exactly seven days I will probably be at the Ocean Terminal in Southampton just about to board Oceana for five lovely weeks in the Caribbean, if I am really lucky I may actually be on board by now.

I am starting to get myself into some state of organisation, I have sorted maybe 40% of my clothing and my lotions and potions are almost all ready to be arranged into bags and packed. I have put off the evil task of packing for as long as I possibly can but, now I need to get my skates on and arrange my life in bags so I can continue to function like a normal human being for the length of the cruise.

Maybe it’s a woman thing; I know many of you will understand where I am coming from. If we forget even something as small as a nail file then the end of the world will be at our toes and everyone else’s life shall not be worth living until one is found. This is why it is IMPERITIVE I make sure I have everything I need BEFORE boarding the ship.

I dread to think where on earth TWO of us are going to store everything for five weeks, IOceana-Inside-Cabin am trying so hard not to even think about that at this stage, I don’t even mean shopping wise either, just general things like clothes and beauty products, things that we HAVE to take with us…….ill cross that bridge when I get in the cabin. My reaction will probably be, look left, look right then decide ill deal with it another day. We have 8 days out of 9 at sea which is more than enough time to get the cabin into some kind of disorder….whoops, I mean order! 😉

Well I suppose my time has come to start putting my words into practice….I shall bid you all good day, enjoy your Boxing Day relaxation, celebrations and MORE food!

Author: Danielle

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