Freighter Cruise

Aranui-3Let’s take a cruise to historical and truly hypnotising lands. Let’s explore the  flavour and culture of the Middle East, the history and fast pace of life that is Asia or even enjoy the delicious atmosphere of the Mediterranean, let’s go to them all on a cruise……..a freighter cruise.

Yes they are out there and they are actually far more popular than even I first realised. The more I look at these options the more I would actually like to experience it. It really takes cruising to an entirely new and very different level that’s for certain.

You can sail anywhere from 7 or 8 days all the way up to 80 days and beyond. You can even go more or less to all corners of the globe round-trip just like you canon a normal cruise.

OK, so a freighter ship may not be as visually pleasing as a more traditional cruise ship but hey it’s a ship and you are still going to visit some great places. One very appealing benefit of a freighter cruise is the length of time you may find yourself in port. See, you may be on holiday but the ship is still at work and must offload and reload as you go. You may find yourself having 12 or so hours in port or even an overnight stay here and there.

So where exactly can you go, well the question really should be where you can’t go! general_cargo_shipItineraries can include Hong Kong, California, Dubai, China, Israel, Egypt, Shanghai and Scandinavia but, there are still hundreds of other places I have not mentioned. You also have the choice of cargo ship, container ship or a mail ship.

It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea so to speak but, it’s certainly another holiday option for those of you who simply want to be at sea.

If this blog has sparked an interest then you can find more info from The Cruise People on which ships are available, how often they sail and what the average costs per person are.

What I want to know now though is would you consider this as a cruise option or have you already tried it?

Author: Danielle

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