Can’t Wait To See Oceana

P&O-Cruises-Oceana-MaltaSo the Caribbean adventure is a mere 13 days away, where has the time gone?! I feel like I only booked the cruise yesterday and all of a sudden here it is and I am beyond un-prepared! I keep telling myself I must start sorting things out and packing but then I get sidetracked by something and tell myself its OK I can do it tomorrow. I have been doing that for the last 3 weeks and it’s fair to say that approach is clearly not working!

Obviously I am looking forward to our ports of call but at the moment I am actually most looking forward to being back onboard Oceana. My first cruise on Oceana was 24-nights last November, I then sailed on her again in April of this year for 12-nights around the Mediterranean and although I have pledged my allegiance to the larger cruise ships I think I am starting to get a true soft spot for this mid-sized vessel.

Today’s blog also coincides with her leaving dry-dock. She has been having a little Ham-Cheese-Paninimakeover since December 5th so I am also eager to see what area’s have been improved and “spruced” up so to speak but, I hope the Café Jardin menu didn’t change too much, I can’t be without a ham and cheese Panini for five weeks!

She really is a lovely ship and feels a lot bigger than she looks. There are many features I like about Oceana, probably more than I have found on any other ship if I am completely honest.

I most enjoy the view from the Pennant Bar; I could sit there forever and watch the world go by. Her buffet is forward and offers panoramic views of the ocean (this is also great when in rough seas as you get to feel every single pitch, not so great if you get seasick though) you can walk across the roof of the bridge this letting you see right down both the Port and Starboard sides and her Promenade deck is the widest I have ever seen!

A dusk view across Valencia from the Pennant Bar

A dusk view across Valencia from the Pennant Bar

The one thing I have to admit I don’t like though is her square stern. I feel so relaxed of an evening just sitting with a drink and listening to the ships wake but on Oceana it can be hard to appreciate this because of the shape of her backside. I suppose in a way I replace my need for the peaceful wake with the tranquillity offered from the Pennant Bar whilst I am on Oceana. I don’t get the same experience but I get the same feeling so it works for me.


Anyway, enough about Oceana, I need to start packing!!!!

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