16 Days To Go

P&O-Cruises-OceanaI woke up this morning staring at my suitcase and thought to myself WOW……in 16 days I am going to be embarking on such an amazing trip! I lay for a little longer just thinking about what’s to come and how lucky my friend and I are that we can take time out to do such a mammoth cruise, in all honesty it still feels surreal.

Once I got past thinking of packing and hair appointments I landed my thoughts back to embarkation day, see as mad as it may sound I love the days build up to the cruise. I live 7 hours away from Southampton so my day starts usually at about 3.30am and the second I am out of bed everything is done at full speed.

My journey is usually via coach and when I cruise with my friend who lives in Kent I do that journey obviously on my own. Sounds like a nightmare right but, it is actually quite the opposite. I tend to watch movies on the laptop, listen to my iPod and just generally watch the world go by. The journey really does fly over.

Once we are approaching Southampton and I start catching the sings for the docks I always get butterflies. I know we are almost there and the feeling of driving through the city never gets tiresome.

The way the coach enters Southampton now is different to how we used to enter via car, Oceana-Southampton-Dockswe come in from the opposite side.  It can be a bit hair raising in a coach too let me tell you! As we approach the dock gate aside from the sign and the buildings around it you would never imagine you were just several hundred yards away from a huge cruise ship. As the road bends slightly and you join the queue to enter the dock there is a break in the buildings. Catching the sight of the ship between these buildings even now for me is so exciting! I am finally here!

Usually check-in is a doddle. Sometimes there is a wait other times you are through before you know where you are! On average I can be off the coach, through check-in, security and then onboard within an hour.

I run purely on adrenalin for most of the day, by the time I am tired I go beyond it within an hour or so and can usually hold out until maybe 10pm before I must give in and crawl into bed.

So in 16 days I will be doing all of the above and quite frankly….I can’t wait!!!

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Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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