St Lucia Aerial Tram

I recently booked another excursion for my upcoming Caribbean cruise, an aerial tram ride above the rainforest in St Lucia. How amazing does that sound?!

When I first came across this excursion I was not immediately blown away by it, I had actually been locked onto the zip-line option but the more I looked at the tram ride the more appealing it sounded.

I am definitely a nature lover, I live within walking distance of a country park and although it’s not exactly a rainforest it is so peaceful and beautiful especially during the winter if it has been snowing! Once you get into the heart of it and the trees are covered with snow you can’t see through them. This always reminds me of Narnia when Lucy first exits through the back of the wardrobe. So peaceful, natural and unspoilt by the human touch. I imagine I will get the same feeling in St Lucia.

This is the excursion description:

Your scenic delights begin as you wend your way through the hills and villages 2,000 feet into the St Lucian Mountains.

At the Rainforest Sky Rides Base, you’ll embark on a fabulous Aerial Tram ride through the forest canopy. The 16 open-air gondolas seat up to 8 passengers and a naturalist guide, travelling at a leisurely pace to see the forest treasures.

Venture high into the mature Caribbean oceanic rainforest, nurtured by warm gentle rains and rich volcanic soil. Relax as the gondolas safely glide through and over the treetops, where knotted and woody vines wind to the top of the old forest trees.

See the dense thickets of vegetation merging with the wild flowers and colourful berries. Smell the fragrant flowering trees of Giant Chatannier, Magnolia and Gommier.

After experiencing the forest from above, you’ll take a 20-30 minute walk to explore the forest at ground level.

Before leaving, enjoy a refreshing drink at the Hummingbird Café.

Imagine sitting, high above the rainforest, the sound of birds having a sweet conversation between themselves, the gentle rustle of the trees and the chance to maybe spot a snake sleeping peacefully above a huge tropical tree trunk……is there anything better when it comes to natures raw beauty?! I doubt it. (I do accept I sound a bit like the SKY TV narrator when you first switch your box on and he is talking about audio descriptions…..that was not my intention 😉 )

I really am looking forward to this excursion; I am not entirely convinced I won’t have an anxiety attack when we go above the tree line but hey, such is life!

Author: Danielle

Excursion description, images and video courtesy of P&O Cruises

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