The Cruise Ship Bed

Staged Royal Mattress – Royal Bedding
Oasis of the Seas – Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

It may seem at first a strange topic of conversation but trust me until you have experienced for yourself the “cruise ship bed” you have not slept or even lived for that matter!

Where do I start?! Well, usually it’s a crisp white, Egyptian cotton, gazillion thread count, most comfortable place on earth and it is the one thing you would ever truly wish to be able to take home from your cruise.

They say there is nothing quite like your own bed especially after a holiday but in this case I would quite happily never see my own bed again if it meant I could replace it with a cruise ship one.  Many a time I have sat and tried to figure out how I would get it out of the cabin and home without my cabin steward or customs noticing but, I am yet to reach a conclusion. I am also still trying to figure out how I would get it home without being charged for it too 😉

As you all know by now I am what you would call a cruise geek so obviously this is something I have looked into and feel it only right I share it with you all.

Although most mattresses for the cruise lines are bespoke made it is possible to find some for general sale that are very similar, the bed frames however, sorry, even I must draw the line here. Most of them resemble a hospital bed gone wrong. Have you ever lifted the mattress and had a peek?

If you are trying to re-create your cruise ship bed then the following might just help! This is a little list of things to help you on your way to ocean slumber, don’t say I never do anything for you!

Slumberland Gold Seal Mattress – These are very similar to the mattresses you will find onboard P&O Cruises ships and are widely available from any decent bed/mattress retailer in the UK. I think they use a Sealy brand however onboard Azura but I am not sure what range the Sealy one is from, I will try and find out!

Sealy Cunarder Mattress – This mattress is only available from Cunard directly and is exactly the same as those you will find onboard Queen Victoria

Sealy Cunarder

Carnival also offers an entire online store of goodies! You can buy everything from mattresses to bath robes, again for that authentic cruise ship slumber at home.

Carnival Comfort Collection

Royal Caribbean have a Royal online shop, I actually blogged about this site a little while back but it’s only right I include it again.

Royal Caribbean Bedding Collection

So ladies and Gentleman, there you have it!

Happy Dreaming!!

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “The Cruise Ship Bed
  1. Kathy says:

    How comfortable is the sofa bed. It is long enough for people that are 6 feet tall and can sleep two people. ( On oasis of the seas)

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