Top 5 Cruise Ship Towel Animals

Towel animals have been associated with cruising for as long as I can remember; I don’t think we ever out grow them to be honest. Even now, 28 years old, I still find it nice to return to my cabin and find a new and wonderful creation waiting for me.

Some people love them some people loathe them but hey, it’s all just a bit of fun. It’s certainly a skill to be able to make some of these amazing creatures that’s for sure!

Today I share with you my top 5 towel animals.

In fifth place is Mr Rabbit. I returned to my cabin to find this intruder not only on my bed but sitting watching Tom & Jerry on the Cartoon Network! I have to say my cabin steward on this cruise was definitely the most creative! His towel animals interacted with items in the cabin, great fun!

In fourth place the beautiful swans. I was truly gob smacked when I returned to my cabin to find these little lovelies. Two tone and with a fresh flower, what more could a girl want!?

In third place had to be the Peacock. This regal stack of towels was huge and rather heavy. I walked into the cabin, looked up and was stopped dead in my tracks. How he made it is beyond me, I don’t have the patience to fold a face cloth let alone stand and make this beauty!

In second place is the “I got you back” Elephant. I know most of you will be looking saying ok the Peacock and Swans are far more creative however for my friend and I, the story behind this one is unforgettable. We like to play a trick or two, we have fun when we cruise and thought it would be hilarious to leave fake dog pooh in one of our beds for our cabin steward to find, so we did. After dinner we returned, creeping down the deck only to be greeted by our cabin steward, Kathy, telling us at the top of her voice “oh my god you are so naughty” apparently she drew back the covers and jumped about 3 steps back obviously taking her a minute before she realized it was fake. Her present in return was the below. We all laughed so hard, my sides actually ached. It was nice too as Kathy was around the same age as my friend and I so I think she appreciated the chance to have a joke with us rather than having to be on her toes like I am sure the cabin stewards are with some other passengers.

In first place has to be Ventura! Now I know it’s not a towel animal so I am cheating here a little bit but, it is still made entirely from towels and being the ship geek I am it was inevitable this one would win. Whoever made this deserves a tall drink! It was fabulous as Sharon Osbourne would say!

Share your favourite towel animals here –

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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