A Cruise is Never Boring

If there’s one thing I always look forward to about a cruise it’s the unexpected. I don’t think I have ever taken a cruise where something interesting or a little unusual didn’t happen. It’s difficult to an extent to try and explain this to you fully because to be honest I don’t really know how too.

See, when you book a land based holiday there’s only so many things that can change in order to make it really stand out, unless of course you take some kind of African Safari, get charged by an Elephant and run straight into the jaws of a waiting Lion, but that’s not quite the direction I’m going with this.

If I use an example that might help get us all on track, When on a land based holiday can you look down onto the ocean and be lovingly wished Good Morning by a pod of Dolphins?……do you see where I am trying to go with this?

There’s always something that happens on a cruise that you didn’t expect, most of the time it’s quite a pleasant surprise, occasionally not so great but hey, such is life. There’s always something that was never mentioned in the brochure, something maybe even a long time cruiser has never experienced. There’s more to it than just sailing from port to port, every day truly is a different experience.

The pool pre escape

Here I am sitting with friends, it’s a beautiful evening and very warm. We are having a good time, laughing, enjoying the night as we sail off to our next port of call. The ship gradually starts to turn towards port, as it does we become increasingly more aware of the fact the water in the pool is getting ever closer to the top of it, a few seconds later and we had Niagara Falls right there on the ship. It was brilliant! The water was pouring over the side of the pool, flooding the deck completely by at least 3 inches. As the ship continued to turn the water rushed towards Starboard gushing down the stairs towards deck 12, causing a pretty impressive paddling pool at the bottom.

I know many people who will sit and think so what’s so great about that? Well, it was not expected and that’s the point. It made us laugh and then ultimately tell the bar staff you need to get someone down here to take care of this or let the plug out 😉 and its things like this that make cruising great! I mean it’s pretty unlikely the pool at a resort will suddenly tilt and empty itself all over the sunbathing area isn’t it. I filmed the pool’s escape, watch it and tell me you were not a little impressed!

Other examples include as I mentioned Dolphins, even sometimes whales and turtles if you are very lucky! The occasional surfacing Submarine or the captain telling you “we have replaced the elastic band, the thrusters now work”.

So my point today, on some ships there may not be a world famous DJ cutting up the deck (not literally of course) and there may not be pool parties every night but hey, trust me, just because those things may not be there doesn’t mean your cruise is going to be a boring one! Especially if there’s a force 12 storm brewing ahead of you! 😉

Cruise ship pool as it escaped

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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