Cruise Ship Cabins

Regardless which ship you sail on, whether you go to Alaska or Australia, one thing we all need whilst onboard is a cabin or stateroom, as they are also known.

You have quite a few choices when it comes to onboard accommodation. You can opt for the comfort of an inside cabin, this is the smallest cabin option. Next is the ocean view option, usually the cabin is very similar to the inside only slightly bigger and with a window. Moving up again is a balcony cabin, self explanatory really and then for those amongst us with a few more pennies you have the options of mini suites, suites and even loft style apartments or Villas which often come with your own personal butler.

Although there can be a vast choice in onboard accommodation, no matter which you choose you shall be more than comfortable and pleasantly impressed by your new floating apartment.

When I took my first cruise I went for the inside option. I have to admit when I opened the cabin door I was for a split second shocked at how big or should I say, how small it was. However, it was beautifully furnished and not a thing was out of place. After a day or so I started to fall in love with this little cabin, it had everything we needed and for the two of us it was more than big enough.

An inside cabin reminds me I’m on a ship! I don’t want a living room, bathroom, dining area then a bedroom; if I wanted all of that I would stay at home. I much prefer the cosiness of my pre-fabricated box whilst onboard. Take note too, inside cabins are perfect for afternoon “nana naps” no need to draw the curtains or fight with the balcony doors, just turn out the light and ta-da it’s instantly night time!

The first time I was offered an upgrade to an outside cabin, I turned it down. I still remember the guy on the phone asking me three times “now are you sure you don’t want this cabin”. When offered the upgrade to an outside cabin again on another cruise, I took it. I was actually glad I did I really enjoyed having the extra space if I’m honest and it was nice to wake up of a morning and see what was going on outside without having to leave the cabin or check the webcam.

For your first cruise don’t over analyse the cabin options too much, focus mainly on the size of the cabin and forget everything else. If going off size alone you feel you would be able to comfortably work with it then you have just made your decision. Given the amount of time you actually spend in your cabin it’s really not worth getting flustered over.

In the grand scheme of things your cabin is a very small decision when it comes to your cruise and regardless of your cabin choice you WILL sleep in the world’s most comfortable bed – GUARANTEED!

Happy Cruising

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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