Picky Eaters

When it comes to cruising one of the biggest factors always has been and always will be FOOD.

We are tempted  by dishes with names we can only ever hope to pronounce correctly and would never even attempt to try and spell. They flash high gloss images through the pages of the brochures, just to make sure we are well aware of what we are missing whilst stuck on land.

With such a fine selection of foods available it’s no wonder we spend time whilst cruising re-educating our palette and searching for new flavours and ideas, after all as I said it has always been a big factor when it comes to cruising. It might surprise you then, that although whilst cruising I will embrace new foods I seem to reject others that I would happily eat whilst at home and for the stupidest of reasons.

I can only describe this as my “cruise ship food phobia” and it all started with the milk!

Don’t worry I am going to explain.

To me the milk just never tastes right and I can’t bring myself to even look at it never mind drink it. This also means cereal is out of the question unless I drown it in 3 or 4 pots of yoghurt, which let’s face it is not really a great alternative. I like milk ice cold and fresh, none of the longer life rubbish which I am sure has to be what is served on board.

I also can’t eat the sausages, they look lovely but they taste horrible, well to me they do anyway. Other things I must stay clear of include, Lasagne, any type of pie, mashed potato, beef, certain pasta’s and chicken on the bone.

It’s so strange; I will admit it, because I actually like them all just not on the ship. If I were to get one of the above I would spend several minutes dissecting it before reaching the same conclusion of no, I can’t eat it. If I was home it would be “down the hatch” as they say without a second thought.

Am I the only one who does this?

Usually when cruising we all eat ten times more than we do at home yet I seem to go the other way and eat far less. I am a very picky eater but I am more inclined to try something new on a ship than I am at home, again, it makes no sense!

I literally do vet everything if I am not 100% sure of it. I done the same thing 3 cruises ago with spaghetti Bolognese (I think this is where the mince ban came from) on the room service menu. It came, looked quite nice, maybe a little dry but I thought I would give it a go. It was vile, it was bone dry on the top and soggier than a Florida swamp on the bottom; I quite honestly have never tasted such a bad spag bol in all my life. The garlic bread was actually a pesto bread and I hadn’t realised so that also tipped me over the edge when I bit into it, how I couldn’t smell that it wasn’t garlic bread still begs belief but, I didn’t. I sat in a sulk and made do with my chocolate torte which I have to say was delicious!!

Do you have any weird cruise ship eating habits??


Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Picky Eaters
  1. ria says:

    Steak! I just can’t do it! I had it once, a sirloin, it had the biggest tubular vein through it, it was huge! Bleuugghh! Never again out if pure fear! And same goes for any sort of red meat casserole or curry, every time veins!!! Bleughhh! (yes, I know I already said that!) 

    Actaually meat in general – I usually go for the vegetarian option – no risk of horrors that way!  And I do love the pan haggedy! 

    Also, anything that looks like it has cream in it (so pretty much 70% of the afternoon tea cakes!) – similar to your milk issue – their clearly long life and just don’t taste right! And im a bit of a baker in my spare time so prob a bit over fussy anyway.

    General problem is I work for one if the top food retailers do my standards are high, I do enjoy the food on board, hiwever (I feel a little guilty saying it)  but most of the time it’s nothing special- but hey, when your catering for thousands it’s never going to be up to the standard if that lovely family run restaurant I enjoy going to 🙂 gosh I sound so ungrateful :-s I am very appreciative of the hard work they all put in!

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