Grand Event Cruise – Last Day and Disembarkation

Well, today was it, our very last day onboard Ventura and boy was I feeling the cruise blues already.

I have to say this had been probably the best cruise in many ways I have ever experienced. The weather had been perfect, the ports wonderful and even better where the friendships both old and new that I was about to go home with.

It may have been our last day but, we were still on holiday so no doom and gloom just yet I thought, lets save that for tomorrow when we are back in Southampton.

Today would be spent packing, eating, packing some more, eating again, walking around on deck for a little while, eating some more and then bingo. Don’t know what it is with me and the final sea day but I seem to eat my way through it. It’s almost like comfort food because I feel sorry for myself that it is almost time to get off.

I wanted to make sure I was organised, after all I now had these huge and very heavy wooden masks to get home as well as my suitcase, hand luggage and holdall…….boy having no baggage limit when you leave is a blessing, having no baggage limit when you return is a downright nightmare! It seemed great at the time buying them but how I was going to manage everything on my own was an entirely different question.

Eventually I was as packed as I could be and toddled off to see who was sitting on the open deck. I made some amazing friends on this cruise, some I had met before, others I had befriended during our trip and I was going to miss each and every one of them. I honestly do believe when you cruise and meet new people you bond and share a friendship unlike that of any other. You instantly have a common interest, cruising, and it seems to solidify your friendship as one that shall remain for many years to come.

Ventura arriving back in Southampton on July 20th. Image courtesy of @linerlovers

July 20th we arrived back in England, great! NOT!. I hate, no excuse me I HATE disembarkation day. I decided though that I was not going to get off. Forward my mail to lifeboat 22, MV Ventura, somewhere at sea. I kept to my word for about 20 minutes then when my disembarkation colour was called off I went. I said my goodbyes and made my way down to the atrium.

As always it was a swift process and I was on the coach ready for my journey home before I knew it.

I am planning the next cruise already, where to shall remain a secret until it is booked but watch this space, I feel a more “exotic” destination coming on………………….

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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