Grand Event Cruise – Vigo

Today we found ourselves in Vigo, Spain, and it was to be our last port of call.

Vigo again was a place I had visited many times before however, this time, it seemed a little different. Our captain announced that a lot of money had been spent regenerating the port here and I could actually see where that money had gone.

When you get off the ship in Vigo you literally are there. There is no need for a shuttle service here. You exit through the main terminal building and you can head along past the small marina, a few cafes and a small shopping mall. If you continue on and make your way up some of the side streets you will eventually come out into a rather impressive high street type setting where you can find more retail style stores and again more cafes.

At first glance Vigo is nothing special but if you take the time to just walk a few minutes I promise you it becomes a much nicer place.

We had a short walk along the marina front then made our way up towards the side streets where we found a few small souvenir stalls. After a little browse and a few football shirts we continued on our journey this time making our way towards the main shopping street. It was amazing as my last visit here was in September and along this street there was a man and a golden Labrador. The dog wears a hat and the man plays the harmonica. As I walked I was thinking to myself I am sure that is the same man and it was! Almost one year later he was still there and his dog, the dog however seemed a little fatter than he did last time.

After a few more minutes we decided we were fed up with this street now, we didn’t want retail stores; we just wanted somewhere nice to walk and maybe a souvenir shop or two. We turned around and made our way back along, this time taking a different side street to get back to the front where we had begun our journey.

As we made our way back towards the marina we passed a shop that was called Africa. I decided to pop my head in and have a look around, about an hour later I re-emerged! I developed a sudden fascination with wall masks on my cruise in November last year and have since started bringing home things that I can only describe as unusual.

This shop was my idea of heaven! Everything in here was handmade and imported from the West coast of Africa. It was authentic, interesting and it all screamed BUY ME!!!! I really could have stayed here all day, I actually bought 2 wall masks and a small hand carved wooden elephant. I then off-loaded my bags to my friend who returned to the ship with them then I went back to the shop once more. Second time around I left with a more unusual mask and this one is definitely much older than the others I purchased.

Eventually I called it a day and made the journey back to the ship. I would spend the afternoon catching the last few rays of sun, we now only had one day left on this Grand Event cruise and I wanted to soak up each and every second of it.

Tomorrow would be our final day and we would spend it at sea…………………….

Author: Danielle

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