Grand Event Cruise – Malaga

Today Ventura arrived in the super hot and sunny port of Malaga. I had never previously been here so was quite looking forward to some new scenery and stretching my legs for a few hours, we did have another 2 sea days after this port so I wanted to savour my land time.

We left the ship and headed off towards the shuttle bus, this would take us along the dock towards the city. It was quite strange as it dropped us next to what seemed a relatively new area of shops and restaurants but the main city centre was quite a good walking distance away. Well, we decided to have ourselves an adventure and we set off following the crowd towards the city.

I must admit Malaga was a very nice place and it was superbly clean! After a walk of about 15 minutes or so we reached our destination. I was pretty glad too as by now the temperature was exceeding 30 and it was becoming pretty uncomfortable to be doing an endless walk in.

The shopping street was delicately covered with a material canopy, this keeping the suns blistering glare from those in and out of the shops below. It stopped the sun’s rays but it certainly had no affect what so ever on cooling or providing a breeze, it looked great too though if I am honest.

After a short stroll we decided to head back the way we came and maybe stop off at one of the nice restaurants for a drink before heading back to the ship.

I suppose because we did not have a full day it made it pretty hard to really explore everything Malaga had to offer or appreciate just how nice of a destination it was. I left with the feeling that I would have to return so I guess that is a good excuse for another cruise, is it not?!

After a well received chilled diet coke we made our way back to the ship. We now had 2 days at sea before reaching our next destination which would be Corfu, Greece……..

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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