Cruising Is An Education Too

A cruise is many things. Of course it is a holiday, a time to relax and re-charge your batteries. The opportunity to do nothing at all if you wish or to be a complete adrenalin junkie and do everything you possibly can.

For me though cruising has also been a bit of an education. Before I cruised I knew very little about maritime history, definitely couldn’t tell you which side was port and which side was starboard and I had no idea what a muster drill was. This is also a big draw for me now; I genuinely enjoy learning about these vessels, finding out more about maritime history and learning as I go about other cultures and religions.

It’s strange though because on your first cruise you will learn so much but won’t actually process the information until you are back on dry land. When your mind does process it that’s when the cruise withdrawal kicks in and it’s all you can think about..….that’s the bit they don’t tell you in the brochures.

When I cruised in April I was lucky enough to visit the bridge on Oceana for the second time in just 4 months and with the same Deputy Captain. It was a brilliant experience the first time but even better the second. Learning about the navigational equipment and what a life at sea is really like for the officers, it may be a nice cheque every month but they work some long shifts and often don’t get much free time ashore. I said to him how I wished I had found my passion for cruise years earlier and maybe I could have been at an age where the opportunity to pursue a career at sea was more realistic. His response to my honest comment was, well, I can get you a uniform if that makes you feel better!! I said that would be nice if you are willing to give me your epaulets too! 😉

I have always been a firm believer that you can never learn too much, you need to keep your mind stimulated with new things, all be it I am full of useless information mostly but sometimes I surprise even myself.

On most ships they will also have guest speakers; OK not every lecture will be to everyone’s liking but just be aware of what’s happening on your ship. Some talks can be very interesting. They range from destination talks all the way to gem stones and beyond. One of the talks on my cruise in November was about the importance of a correctly fitted bra!! Didn’t quite see that one coming if I am honest but I suppose it’s something different and it was obviously popular as another one was scheduled in. Did you expect to embark for your cruise ladies and learn about lingerie??!! This is exactly my point.

My interest in cruise and travel probably borders on obsessive but I don’t care. I am passionate about cruising and seeing the world in which I live and I am more than happy to make like Julie Andrews and sing it from the hill tops….all be it not quite as well as her but I will try! 😉 Life is short so if there is something in life you want to do, or a place you want to visit then GO.

Author: Danielle

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