Solo Cruise Preparation

This time on Tuesday I shall be in Southampton, a hopefully sunny Southampton (keep your fingers crossed!) either on board or just about to board P&O Cruises Ventura.

This cruise will definitely be a little different from what I am used too but I am secretly looking forward to having a cabin all to myself, suppose that’s no longer a secret.

I am used to travelling down to Southampton on my own as one of my cruising friends actually lives in London so that’s nothing new but it will definitely be strange checking in on my own, boarding on my own and then ultimately finding my cabin on my own. As I have mentioned I do have friends who will be onboard so I’m not entirely on my jack jones but it will still be a new experience.

The burning question now though is do I take part in any of the meetings onboard that are for those passengers travelling alone, or would I be a cheat if I did?  I suppose technically I am travelling alone so surely I can mingle my way in.

Although I sit questioning it now I know I will at some point pop along to one of these meet up’s onboard. It will give me a chance to really find out how many other people cruise alone, what they like about cruising alone and to also find out how the cruise line caters for these people as a group.

I know that last comment may confuse you but I do know P&O are very good for offering various different activities onboard that are just for passengers travelling alone. It gives them the option if they wish to meet new people and join in with activities whilst still allowing them the freedom of their solo cruise. Because I have never cruised alone though obviously I have never experienced it for myself. This time though I shall and then relay that information back to you lovely people.

So considering I now have less than 72 hours before it all begins I shall bid you all a good weekend and start my packing.

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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