Top 10 Cruising Essentials

When we pack for our cruise adventures we leave home sometimes with the entire contents of our lives packed into our ever expanding suitcases, I think the only thing I leave behind quite literally is the kitchen sink.

We always pack far too much, don’t say you don’t because you know and I know you do! You spend hours desperately trying to shut the case, and in most cases end up having to leave things behind, not your own though! They always end up being the husband’s shorts or something along those lines. Gents, sorry but I don’t have a similar example to share with you because we all know nine times out of ten it’s the Mrs who packs your case, or should I say unpacks it before it’s packed 😉

Anyway back onto the subject, cruising essentials. I wanted to share a list with you of some things you must never cruise without.

A good camera – It is imperative you board your vessel with the best camera you can get. How can you travel to all these weird and wonderful destinations with a disposable? It simply won’t do.

Sun cream – Don’t let those clouds fool you! Always take more than enough sun cream and ALWAYS apply it, re-apply it and then add a bit more. The sun is so strong at sea you can burn very quickly and because of the sea breeze it can be rather nasty too. The last thing you want is to sit down for dinner looking like the boiled lobster on your plate.

Travel Plug/ Adaptor – You can never be too careful. I had a dilemma on my last cruise as my hair strengtheners would not fit into the socket on the wall. Both were British but they didn’t seem to want to get on. I ended up having to borrow my cabin steward’s extension cable for the full 2 weeks. So always take a travel adaptor but pack a double plug too from home, just in case!

Hand Sanitizer – I always carry this with me at home, and would never dream of not using it whilst cruising. Germs can spread super quickly in a cruise ship environment so as well as using what is provided always carry your own too. Never hurts to have in your bag whilst ashore.

Varied Clothing – Now even on a cruise in the middle of summer you can never be sure to avoid a torrential downpour so always pack prepared. Take with you jeans, a jacket and even a small umbrella too. That way if it does seem a bit grey one day you are not caught out.

Sunglasses – These are a must whilst cruising. The sun’s glare hitting the crystal blue ocean is super bright and of course whilst exploring ashore the last thing you want is to be blinded by the sun. Always double check you have packed these!

Personal Medications – It may seem like the obvious thing but you would be surprised how many people do in fact leave home with their medicines. Make sure you triple check this one. Yes you can get replacements from the onboard medical staff but in order to do so you must see the doctor first which will cost you a minimum of £30.

Travel Insurance – You can never be too careful these days and for the sake of a few quid before you leave home it really is worth getting some insurance. It will not only cover you against illness but it may well also give you some other options if say for example your flight was delayed and you missed the ship. Just make sure to read the documents carefully and pick the right option.

Travel Sickness Remedies – Hopefully you will not even need these but it can sometimes be mind over matter. Just having them in your possession can make you feel better if you do experience a little seasickness. But this is another best to be safe than sorry situation. If in doubt about what to buy try the herbal remedies. I have been told by a medical professional that they are often better than the over the count pills from the pharmacy.

The Husband – If you are married ladies then you must not forget to take the hubby with you, after all you need someone to carry your bags back to the ship after all the shopping you will have been doing! If you are single then that’s also fine, us ladies have a common bond so just grab someone else’s husband and offload your shopping, his wife won’t mind in fact she will encourage you and he won’t have a choice, he will know his beer upon embarkation depends on it!! 😉

Now with 7 days to go until my cruise let’s see how many things on this list I forget! All of them probably!!!

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “Top 10 Cruising Essentials
  1. CruiseMiss says:

    You can’t get them to leave the ship let alone carry bags! LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    Someone elses Husband ! 🙂 what happened to all the cute officers on board ?

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