The Authentic Cunard Cruise Line

I sometimes do wish we could go back in time and experience “pleasure liners” from yesteryear. Go back to when cruising was not quite so commercialised or in some cases a little over the top with facilities.

Can you imagine having the chance to board the Mauretania or the Lusitania back when they were in their prime, just wonderful?

I think if there is one cruise line today I am certainly grateful for it is Cunard. Without Cunard we would have no real hands on perception of what luxury cruising was back then. We would have to live it all through photographs and old film, only being able to imagine what the ships then were like. They may have the youngest fleet in the world but young or not their interior and exterior for that matter definitely cling onto the roots of the original passenger ships. You can step onboard a Cunard ship and instantly get a true impression of what a luxury liner was back then.

Today it’s a perfect blend of traditional meets modern with a twist of vintage glamour. What more could you ask for?

Times change and quite a lot over the last ten years with regards to cruising but Cunard held onto traditions and have proven to us all that a cruise ship, classic and elegant still has just as much appeal as one with a water park and ice rink.

Just look at the Cunard transatlantic voyage, it is just as popular now as it was when it first launched. They held onto part of their history and good job they did too as they are now the only cruise line in the world that offer this direct sailing between the UK and America. No interruptions, a direct sailing allowing you 7 nights to savour each and every aspect of your ship and on what can only be described as an iconic and original voyage.

Cunard proved traditions were important and that sometimes things are quite fine as they are. You don’t need to build a colossal sized ship, fill it with ten thousand different facilities and dining options in order to keep passengers happy. Over the years the changes to the Cunard ships have been subtle, they stayed the same in a sense but just improved with the times and that is what makes a cruise with Cunard so authentic.

For info on booking a cruise direct with Cunard you can contact:

  • Stefanie Glass
  • Personal Cruise Specialist at Cunard Cruise Line
  • Tel: 0843 374 0001 Ext: 407

Author: Danielle

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