Cruising For Mischief

I sit looking at images from previous cruises and it brings back so many memories of good times and silly times. I may be 28 years old but I must admit that I spend a considerable amount of my time acting more like a mischievous 5 year old.

My friends and I always manage to get up to something stupid when we cruise and at least once a day. We are not ashamed of it either, our fellow passengers by the end will greet us in the same way each time “oh look here comes trouble”.

We don’t get too adventurous though so don’t worry, we know the limits and we never annoy other passengers (unless we know them or they deserve to be annoyed 😉 )

It’s all silly things; my friend last time decided it would be hilarious to press all the buttons in the lift! I exited and took the stairs, she enjoyed her journey to each and every deck, not sure everyone else who got in the lift was quite as thrilled but never mind. Ten minutes and 11 decks later she finally arrived.

On one of my cruises last year my friend and I left fake pooh in her bed for our cabin steward to find. She tucked it in under the duvet and off we went for dinner. Afterwards we headed back to the cabin, creeping along the deck just in case she was in our room. We got about 5 cabins away and heard “oh my gosh you are so naughty” it was Kathy, our cabin steward and she was laughing so hard. She said “I took back the covers and oh my god”…….She repaid us by creating a towel elephant and putting the fake pooh behind it with a comment “ha I make elephant go poopy on your bed”. We let her keep it to play tricks on others, staff hopefully and not passengers, not sure everyone would find that as funny as we all did. Not entirely sure sometimes that some fellow passengers even know what it means to smile and enjoy a practical joke or two……but, that would be a whole other blog!

I also enjoy taking pictures of the ships photographers with their own cameras. They hound you night and day for images so, I do the same back. Doing this on formal nights is the best when they have the equipment set up and the camera on a tripod. Simply stand behind the camera and tell them to smile, nine times out of ten they will pose for you. It feels so good to get your own back!!

I could tell you so many other stories….share with you some really funny images but I know if I did I would never see the light of day again, my friends would probably kill me.

I wonder what I can get up to on my next cruise……….

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Cruising For Mischief
  1. Doesn’t everyone take pictures of the photographers taking pictures of you? And even more fun is to make faces at the photographer right as he snaps the picture……….

    We had an excellent photographer on the Celebrity Millennium who took my antics as a challenge and actually got some very good pictures of me. That was the first time we bought pictures in 7 cruises.

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