Fourteen Days Until The Grand Event

It is getting ever closer, there are now only 2 weeks left until the P&O Cruises Grand Event and obviously my cruise!

Now comes the time when one must set aside non important tasks and focus on what really needs to be done. That would be ironing, buying more shoes, deciding whether to take 2 bags or 3……you know, the REALLY important things. I always know it is a special occasion when I get the iron out 😉 if there is one thing I can’t stand it is ironing, everything I touch always looks worse than it did before I started!

Now, I was told by P&O Cruises via twitter that they were doing a regular rain dance in order to try and bring us sunshine on July 3rd. Oh to have a webcam in Carnival House although I am sure they were telling me porky pies! I may not be doing a rain dance but I am definitely talking to him upstairs everyday and pleading with him for anything other than rain, hail or even snow!! Hey, this is England…anything is possible!!! By him upstairs I mean God, just thought I would clear that up in case you thought I had someone living in the attic.

As I have already mentioned I am travelling on Ventura, my home from home, and I am also meeting up with friends who I have cruised with before. One of these friends, she is like my second mum and I remember our last cruise together when I strolled back into my cabin at roughly 3.30am, this I may point out was after telling my friend who I was cabin sharing with at 11.30pm I would be back in 5 minutes! 😉 Whooops!

I never worry as such about anything on the day of my cruise but I am a little apprehensive this time because all 7 ships will be docked. P&O please take note: if my luggage ends up on the wrong ship I will not be a happy cruiser….my labels are BLUE that means VENTURA!!!  Well actually my labels are blue with a hint of white as the ink obviously must have been low but still…..VENTURA!!!! capiche?!

So with only 14 more days to go we should soon start to find out a little more about what is in store……..that was a hint by the way!

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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