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With such advanced technology these days it is pretty difficult for any of us to go anywhere without a camera. Whether it be one built into your mobile telephone, a small digital camera or a larger more professional camera, either way we are rarely caught without one.

For me, cruising and photography go hand in hand. By no means am I a photographer but I do enjoy playing around here and there with my camera and am proud to say I have taken some pretty impressive shots over the last several years.

I decided I would use today’s blog to share with you some of these images. I just hope you find them as impressive as I do.

I think this first one is definitely one of my favourites. I took this picture in August 2010 whilst sailing the Mediterranean Sea. I had never before seen such an amazing evening sky, nor have I witnessed one that came even close to being this spectacular since. This particular night I had taken an hour out on deck on my own and I think it is fair to say I picked quite possibly the best night of the cruise.

This picture is another of my favourites. This again was actually taken on the same cruise in August 2010. I was lying sunbathing, just enjoying another relaxing day at sea when I glanced across to my right. That’s when I spotted this amazing little creature. This is another thing about cruising I adore, the things you come across whilst at sea.

I snapped this picture in Monte Carlo last year. It was a red hot summers day and coming across this crystal blue swimming pool was just heaven. The year before when I visited it was not there so it added an extra feature to the stroll too. I decided to snap it at a bit of an angle so you could capture some of Monte Carlo in the distance and I think it works pretty well. Sometimes I even shoot things upside down, you have to try different angles and settings until you get that perfect shot.

Now this one, well, this for me symbolises the beginning of a wonderful adventure. I never drink cocktails at home so I always indulge, ok ok, over indulge whilst cruising. I would like to just point out however that one of these did belong to my friend! They were not both for me, honest!

I have hundreds of other cruise holiday snaps, in fact I spend most of my cruise time looking through an LCD screen to be honest. Not that I am complaining though!!!

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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