Titanic 100 Years On

100 Years ago today RMS Titanic had reached the spot where she would remain until this very day. After hitting an iceberg on April 14th and ultimately sinking in the early hours of April 15th she would secure her place in the history books forever.

I know there are many people out there who are probably tired of hearing about it now, it has been a little intense, but I think it is important to remember what came from that tragedy. The things we learned about safety and the changes that were subsequently made.

Although the recent sinking of the Costa Concordia was described by many like a “scene from the movie Titanic” it was not down to a lack of lifeboats that people lost their lives. To a certain extent it had nothing to do with compartments being flooded. It even had nothing to do with her aggressive list. I firmly believe everything on that night in January came down to human error.

There were enough lifeboats for everyone onboard, yes some could not be deployed because of her listing but had the emergency procedure been acted on much earlier as it should have been, those boats too would have been lowered. Yes compartments were flooded that caused her to list violently but again, even though the ships outcome would have remained the same, the fate of those onboard could have been very different if those supposedly in charge and “control” moved a little faster.

Sadly this could never have been the fate of Titanic’s passengers. Some of her officers were at the forefront of the rescue operation, doing as much as they physically could for those they could save. They followed procedures until the last moments and worked as best they could with what they had been provided with. As sad as it is that the fate of neither ship nor passengers in this case could have been changed, it is because of her story that ships today carry enough lifeboats for all passengers onboard. It is because of her story that many changes to passenger shipping and shipping in general were made.

It is important to remember that when we roll our eyes at the mention of the word “Titanic” it was she who demanded changes and had those changes not been made who knows how many other lives would have needlessly been lost in other such shipping disasters.

One thing I think is extremely important to remember is that although we are still fascinated by the story of Titanic and we feel the need to again and again visit her there must come a time when she is simply left alone. RMS Titanic lies quietly on the ocean floor, a graveyard if you will for hundreds of people. Who knows how many actually went down with the ship, taking her as their eternal resting place?

There must come a time when she is left in peace.

RMS Titanic photo album, in all her glory – http://on.fb.me/HIic5P

Titanic Sonar images and wreckage photo album – http://on.fb.me/HFErJE

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