Cruise Ship Capers

Things we cannot stop ourselves from doing on a cruise. Some are plain silly, others are just embarrassing but do them we will, well, some of us will anyway!!

1: We can’t stop ourselves from modelling the lifejacket whilst someone else snaps a picture. This never gets old for some of us.

2: For some the “I’m the king of the world” scene from Titanic is still something they cannot resist doing (if you can get to the ship’s bow of course, if not any open deck facing forwards will do)

3: You try so hard but fail so miserably at re-creating the towel animals left by your cabin steward.

4: You resist the temptation to flush whilst still seated. Now I think this is probably a “guy” thing because I am sure the suspense of finding out what would actually happen must kill you. Don’t tell me you have not thought about it because we all know you have.

5: You order from the fine dining menu pretending to know exactly what it is you have selected only for it to arrive and turn out to be the complete opposite (I am guilty of that myself sometimes)

6: You try to convince everyone you know it all when it comes to cruising. Only to argue with someone that Port is Starboard when it is actually Port, you admit defeat and blame the alcohol.

7: You can often find yourself at the right cabin number but on the wrong deck , repeatedly. After a while the person in the cabin you insist on trying to “break into” will tire of your confusion so, work on it.

8: Before you cruise you convince yourself you are going to be “good” meaning you are not going to eat too much, drink too much or spend all of your money in the casino, within an hour this is completely forgotten.

9: You again have a moment where you think know it all telling everyone around you “oh yes I have cruised many times, I am very familiar with the staff onboard. See that guy over there, that’s the chief engineer” only for you to realise 2 minutes later he is in fact the captain (I have encountered one or two people like this and to avoid embarrassment I blame the alcohol on their behalf…..I’m nice like that ;))

10: And last but not least you will at some point give a fellow passenger directions for a location onboard that is in the opposite direction to where you said. This is great fun especially if you pass them every day for the next 2 weeks. Word to the wise, let them find it themselves.

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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