A Morning On-board MSC Lirica

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting MSC Lirica whilst she was in Port of Tyne, it was my first time on board Lirica and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

Whilst heading from the main terminal to join her, the first thing I noticed was that her exterior was in very good condition. A nice crisp white, just like a cruise ship should be, no orange rust marks trailing down the side that clearly were in desperate need of being painted. Just a nice white finish with her big blue star, and name of course!!

Once onboard we had a guided tour of the ship and I really have to admit this is when I truly came to appreciate the meaning of the phrase “looks can be deceiving”. Although Lirica is classed as a mid-sized ship her interior layout in fact made her feel twice the size she was. There was so much room and I’ve never felt like that before on a mid-sized ship, even one maybe 10,000 tonnes heavier than her, she really did feel spacious.

The facilities onboard MSC Lirica were brilliant, there was a well managed kids club along with a gaming area, numerous bars and lounges, casino, swimming pool, gym, MSC’s famous Aurea spa, restaurants, shore excursions desk, shops  and much more. When it came to the bars and lounge areas you really were spoiled for choice.

Another thing I noticed about Lirica was that everything on board seemed to be in very good condition. Usually we always come across something that is not quite right or could do with some TLC, nothing major, always minor little things that need touched up, but I didn’t find anything like this that jumped out at me. No lose fittings, no damage to any areas, all really did seem very well cared for.

Around 1pm we had lunch onboard which again was very nice. A three course meal served in one of the onboard restaurants. The choice was very good, all be it some things made me twist my face a little, for example potato soup with baby shrimps. Not quite sure on that one but others ordered it and it did look very nice.

One thing I must say is that the famous cruise ship bread roll did not disappoint! Just like an armadillo crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, it really is a “cruise ship thing” with the white bread rolls, I am sure some of you will know what I am talking about.

My friend ordered the burritos, well that was an experience in itself. Note to anyone cruising with MSC and ordering a burrito. It looked very nice, it was very nice but beware the reddish coloured sauce draped loving across the plate next to them! It was like fire on a plate. My friend didn’t realise it would be as spicy as it was and scooped a spoonful into one of the burritos, bit down and that was it. Her face instantly changed colour, her eyes were streaming water down her face and she was looking at me like this was the end. Once she composed herself she went “easy” on the red fire after that, I sat and continued to laugh at her whilst I tucked into my chicken, which was very nice!!

Overall it was a brilliant experience and definitely a learning opportunity. MSC have also recently entirely re-vamped their kids clubs onboard so if you are travelling with young ones it may well be the perfect time to give MSC try if you have not already. MSC Cruises is in fact a family company and it really is pushing hard to get more families onboard. Check out the kids club info below and make sure you visit the MSC Cruises websites for your part of the world. There are some fantastic offers to be grabbed and if you are in the UK they have the £1 offer back on selected sailings.

  • The Mini Club sends three to six year old sailors on a magical voyage of discovery and amazing adventures through enchanted oceans.
  • Seven to 11 year olds are invited to join the pirate crew of the Junior Club and set off in search of buried treasure on an action-packed adventure towards uncharted islands.
  • The Y-Team is the perfect choice for 12 to 14 year olds. Why? Because they’ll meet new friends, do exciting new things and have a great time every day! That’s why!
  • MSC Generation teen club makes it easy for 15 to 17 year olds to get connected with the coolest crew on board and spend time with other people their age.

 MSC Lirica photo album – http://on.fb.me/ItpI8V

MSC Lirica Crew Muster Drill

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