Finding Me, Myself and I

For some when they think about a cruise they can often think, huge vessels, too many passengers all crammed in like sardine’s, trying desperately to escape on another and never finding a moments peace.

I can honestly say in the several years I have been cruising now I have only ever once felt like I was “a sardine” and that was simply because of a delay in everyone off loading on a port day.

In fact I really think once on board you experience just the opposite. Yes sunny days at sea bring everyone out on deck but I really don’t think it feels over crowded or like you haven’t got any space to move around.

The moon glistening off the wide open ocean

My favourite time of day when at sea, well actually I have two, but the first is when everyone is getting ready for dinner (if they are on specific times) and the other being later at night. It is these times of the evening when you could be mistaken for thinking you were the only person on board. Now I can see some of you pulling the screw face and thinking yeah right, a ship with 4,000+ passengers and crew and YOU stupidly are trying to convince me I can find a spot for just me, myself and I?!

Yes, I am, and I know with 150% certainty that you will find it and probably on your very first day on board.

This for me is why I love cruising; I thrive on finding a sun bed, where there is not another living soul, lying down and just watching the night sky. The stars, the lights beaming off the funnel, the amazing light shadow cast across the ocean by a bright full moon and the eerie silence. It is so peaceful, there is not another living soul anywhere near you, that deck for that time really is all yours. A great time to escape and have five minutes peace and quiet away from, well, life basically.

The moon beaming down upon the ships funnel

You see the thing about a cruise is that it can be as crazy or as laid back as you want it to be. You can do everything until your head spins or you can do nothing at all. It’s kind of like being able too, to a certain extent, tailor make your own holiday without having to pay extra for it. If you want to take advantage of the on board facilities like zip wire’s or rock climbing walls then you can, but it’s also OK to sit and simply do nothing at all too.

But adults please, remember there are children on board and they too would like to try the zip wire and other facilities too……don’t get greedy now!!!

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Finding Me, Myself and I
  1. Wonderful post! I completely agree! Despite the other people on board, I can always find a spot just for me somewhere to relax.

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