Are You Afraid Of The Dark

In yesterday’s blog I touched on the peace and tranquillity that can be had in certain areas of the ship, and especially of an evening. I wanted to touch on a topic today that in a way continues the notion of freedom on board but in a slightly different context. So here goes.

It may seem like a great idea after having had half an hour of peace and quiet to venture off and check out other “deserted” areas of the ship, hey why not, you’re on holiday and it’s meant to be an adventure right, but if like me you scare easily I wouldn’t advise it. I still cannot do this on my own without feeling like I am in a horror movie……let me explain.

One place you will end up being drawn too I am sure is the bow of the ship. This for me is the worst possible place to be at night, first of all the silence is quite literally deafening and obviously it’s pretty dark too, the ship is doing maybe 18 knots and there is not a sound. No wind, no water breaking against the hull, no other passengers, NOTHING. It really is like being on a ghost ship and this is the one thing that gets me every time I cruise.

It really does make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up; it is an interesting experience and for most people probably great fun but for me I just can’t handle the “creepiness” of it. I am convinced at any moment someone is going to creep up behind me and scare the living soul from my body, in most cases this being one certain friend I now cruise with who thinks scaring you half to death is hilarious.

Whilst I am being open and honest, sharing with you the fact I am almost 28 years old but scare like a 5 year old, I may as well tell you I don’t like the long trek down the passenger cabin decks late at night either. Yes the lights are always on but come on now; someone has to agree with me that on the larger ships that long never ending corridor can resemble a scene from the movie, The Shining!

 I feel myself walking faster and faster to get back to my cabin, every few seconds glancing behind me to check I’m not being followed (yes I am serious, please refrain from pointing and laughing. Although I haven’t yet figured out who it would actually be that would be following me I still check) and then the stairway sections are like a jack in the box, you are zooming along the deck, walls and doors on every side then in an instant you find yourself with a wide open space to your left. Everything slows down, like that scene in the Matrix when he dodges the bullet; you catch a glimpse of the port side cabin deck, a set of stairs and then the lifts. Suddenly the lift pings and again you take off like a race horse convinced its Freddy Krueger himself that will step out and chase you the rest of the way to your cabin (well I am convinced anyway)

Leaving the port of Piraeus, Greece, last year was quite eerie too, there were quite a few ships in port but there were also a few that looked completely abandoned including one of the Thomson Ships. Have you ever seen a cruise ship tied up in port with all the lights turned out, not a single passenger or crew member in sight? It was kind of surreal because we get so used to these vessels being lit up like Christmas trees at night, yet these were in complete and utter darkness. They were lifeless, spooky looking and certainly didn’t look very inviting. Just sat there like time had forgotten them……..crazy!

Maybe I just have an over active imagination (a REALLY over active imagination) or maybe it’s more serious entirely and I should possibly consider seeing a doctor? 😉  But either way every time, these experiences just make my heart beat a little faster and I really don’t know why.

And don’t even get me started on the effect fog can have on you. I woke up in the morning, ventured outside and asked two very simple questions “hmmmm where did the ocean go and, has anyone seen the other half of our ship”. From mid-ships I could not see the bow, it really was that dense and it last over 12 hours. The picture to the right is the aft section of the ship, as you can see the ocean has simply vanished!!

The End…………………..

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