The Tender Port

For some people the idea of a tender port can be quite daunting but for me it’s all part of the enjoyment of the cruise.

One of my friends experienced her first tender port on our cruise in July last year and to say she wasn’t very impressed is an understatement. She wanted to get off before we had even got on and I could see in her face the entire way there and back she would rather be on solid ground.

My other friend will experience her first tender port in April and she is more concerned about remembering to pack her wrist bands and travel sickness pills for it. I keep telling her by the time you get on it’s time to get off, you physically won’t be on long enough to feel green.

I’m not sure why the tender can evoke fear into the hearts of people, including big strong and fit men! But taunt you it does.

I really enjoy the trek down to the bowels of the ship, as you get closer hearing the water hitting the side of the ship and you can smell the fumes from the tender boats. Turn a corner and there awaits the pontoon, your little orange friend (a.k.a as your tender) and quite often some finely dressed gentleman in their crisp whites 😉 what more could a girl want??

The only thing I don’t like about it is the wait for the boat back. Leaving the ship is usually so quick, it is well organised and everyone can get to where they want to be. But coming back, dear lord! It feels like all 3,000 passengers want to get back at the exact same time. It is still well organised and if the weather is good and rather warm they will usually provide a water dispenser so at least you can keep hydrated if the wait becomes a little longer than expected.

If you have yet to experience a tender port then you are in for a treat. It really is great fun (unless you are not a fan of the water to begin with) and you are on land before you know it. Just remember, ladies, go easy on the shopping in tender ports. It might seem like a great idea buying everything you see but when the reality of getting back into your little orange friend with ten thousand bags hits home it really isn’t all that great. Neither is getting it off and onto the ship at the other end.

Hope you enjoy the video below.

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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