Cruise Ships and the Sun

I know it sounds a little “crazy” but I guess it’s for this reason I know I love cruising so much. I step on board and that’s it I could quite happily stay there for the rest of my days, especially if the sun is shining down on us.

Cruise Ships in the Sun

Have you ever noticed how a cruise ship always looks so much more appealing when it’s sunny? (or is that just me) honestly, I can look at a cruise ship and think WOW now that is an impressive vessel but if the sun is beaming down it suddenly seems a thousand more times appealing.

I am a sun worshipper and I always have been, I would never want to do one of those UV skin tests because I know when I am 40 I am going to look 90 and I’ve kind of come to terms with that now. Until the last maybe 3 years I always wanted to cruise when I knew it was going to be hot and sunny at the destinations I would be visiting but as my love for cruise has gotten more intense I have discovered I really don’t mind anymore. I simply just want to be on the ship. If it is sunny then great ill get my arms and legs out, if not ill don my coat and slum it under the rain clouds like everyone else.

It really is a strange feeling and I would love it if someone else could assure me they think the same thing just so I know I don’t need to visit my GP 😉

My cruise in November, one port of call was Cadiz and the weather was glorious, winter sun was certainly in full effect. Everything seemed great, the ship looked awesome (more awesome than usual because the sun was out) the cocktails tasted ten times better and my attitude was care free and holiday mode. Perfect!

Cruise Ship in the rain

By the time we got to Lisbon at the end of our cruise some 4 weeks later the feeling wasn’t quite the same. To me a cruise ship is always going to be amazing but it had lost its appeal slightly as the sky above was grey. My cocktail didn’t taste as good as I was now holding it wearing gloves and my attitude was along the lines of I am bloody freezing why don’t they have outside heaters on this thing and why are we having a sail away party when it feels like its -40 out here!! (Obviously it wasn’t but this is what I mean by an attitude switch because of the weather)

Needless to say just a few hours later I was quite happy as the ship was tossed from side to side in force 12 winds, I was on my way home, I knew the weather was going to be rubbish so I enjoyed every second of it. I wasn’t quite as thrilled to be running round my cabin picking up my entire life off the floor but hey ho, all part of the fun when you are at sea, right!?

Moral of today’s story is cruise ships look better when the sun is out, full stop.

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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