Titanic Wreckage New Sonar Images

I recently came across an amazing article on the wreck of the Titanic. It showed amazing photographs that are so clear you would never even think the ship was underwater. They were taken using Sonar equipment and over 100,000 photographs were taken in order to provide a detailed map of the Titanic debris field which covers a 3 by 5 mile area on the bottom of the North Atlantic.

In short the team responsible for these amazing images emitted sound pulses, listened for echoes and then translated these echoes into the images we now see. It really is fascinating stuff.

The team have mentioned that marks on the ocean floor do suggest the stern may have rotated as the ship sank, hitting the bottom with considerable speed thus plunging the hull deep down into the silt. They also mention the bow looks to have landed incredibly gently in comparison.

These new images are so clear they show numerous items and remains including a hatch cover, remains of a deckhouse, huge boilers, revolving door and a lightning rod.

I really do find this fascinating; almost exactly 100 years since she sank we are finally starting to get a much clearer picture of what truly happened the night she sank back in 1912.

Titanic has forever captured our imagination and our intrigue but finally we may be coming to the conclusion. Apparently the History Channel will be showing a 2 hour documentary on April 15th (in the UK) which will shed even more light on the Titanic mystery.

You can see further sonar and wreckage images here – http://on.fb.me/zkAOGP

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