Travel Insurance

Yesterday was like any other Sunday, time to wind down a little bit and catch up on some of my favourite TV shows. That was until I got a phone call to say my godson had broken his arm.

He had been playing in the local park when he fell and badly broke the bone between his shoulder and his elbow; I think its correct name is Humerus. Panic obviously set in and the bone specialist had to be called out from home to come and prep him for surgery right away. It was important because of the type of break to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Although we all have accidents it is always the ones we least expect that creep up on us at the worst possible time. I suppose my angle is leaning towards the importance of travel insurance.

I am sure there are still people out there who will set off on their holiday, whether it is on land or at sea and they do not get the right kind of cover or any cover at all.

Don't Leave Home Without It!!

As my godson was playing in the local park next to where he lives it made it incredibly easy to get him the help he needed but what if he had fallen whilst on holiday?. Obviously our cruise ships are packed with the latest equipment and brilliant medical teams but there is only so much they can do on board, would they have been able to perform the kind of operation he needed, probably not, and that is why insurance would have been vital.

We never want to have accidents and even the smallest of accidents are escalated in our minds when we are far from home. Whenever you set off on a trip no matter how short or long it is you MUST always obtain the correct travel insurance. There are always offers on insurance prices and I am sure it is better to pay a small amount before you leave home than face a huge bill if something did go wrong during your trip.

You could even pick up information on insurance policies whilst doing your weekly food shopping. It really is so easy to acquire yet there are still so many people who leave home without it. Travel insurance is just as important as your passport, always remember that.

On a happier note my brave little soldier is on the mend and is quite happy that although he has a plaster cast the entire length of his arm he can have the week off school and watch Horrid Henry.

Author: Danielle

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  1. CruiseMiss says:

    Thanks Laura that actually sounds like my kind of read! i will have a look into that.

  2. Laura says:

    Danielle… you mention how cruise ships have great medical teams on board… so perhaps I can recommend a highly entertaining read… namely “Cruise Ship SOS: The Life-Saving Adventures of a Doctor at Sea” by Ben MacFarlane. Find out why ship’s doctors think bar stools should carry health warnings, why the casino can be safer than the sick bay in a storm and why no amount of sharks, pirates or tidal waves will ever be as dangerous as the midnight buffet. Try Waterstones online or I think there’s a kindle version available too from Amazon.

    PS: Wish your godson get well soon from me.

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