Cruise Ship Chatter

Queen Mary 2 in Southampton

What is our fascination with cruise ships? I mean we all enjoy a holiday and like to be away from the daily grind of life but why is cruising so addictive?

As I have mentioned previously I took my first cruise in 2007 and since then it has consumed my entire being, it really is ALL I think about. I can only function like a normal human being when I have one booked, is it just me or do you feel the same too?

I think I have reached a point where yes I enjoy the ports we visit but so long as I am on a ship I really don’t mind where it takes me. I don’t seem to always book my cruise with the ports of call at the fore front of my mind; they become almost an added bonus I guess.

Luck does seem to be on my side when it comes to cruising as I now have 2 friends who ok, are not quite as obsessed as I am but still they are quite happy to board a ship and cruise with me. I dread to think what I would be like if I didn’t have those 2 “cruising buddies”.

My next cruise is in April and already I am literally counting down the days (63 more to go) exactly 9 weeks today. I think I spend half my life wishing it away just so that the cruise will come quicker. I love embarkation day, arriving at the port, the ship is waiting there for you, and the excitement kicks in. I feel like a child at Christmas, the only difference being the ship obviously is not gift wrapped.

I can’t tell you why I am so fascinated by cruise ships and simply being at sea, there’s not just one word to describe it I literally would be here for hours writing you a book roughly 15,000 pages long and then some more.

Although I am not too fussed where the ship is going I did take pride on my last cruise in November/December last year. We were in the Mediterranean so as you can imagine at that time of year the weather is hit or miss. At the same time a friend of mine was on Aurora in the Caribbean and I had been super jealous of their trip before they even left. I remember heading down to the cyber area on the ship and thought I would check the webcam for Aurora and to my sheer delight she was docked in Barbados and it was RAINING!!! Yes I kid you not and like a spiteful child I was utterly amused and grinning like the Cheshire cat. I can’t remember where we were on that same day but the weather was actually rather pleasant and it was warm enough to sit on the open deck in just a t-shirt and shorts.

My post today is a little scatty but that’s what happens to me sometimes when I start trying to explain why I am so fascinated with cruise ships, I tend to spin off into a million different conversations because my mind is thinking five times faster than the rest of my body can keep up with. I am called sad, a geek even sometimes told I need help but I take it with a pinch of salt because I know if they cruised just once I would never have too utter another word, their facial expressions would say it all.

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Cruise Ship Chatter
  1. LOL! no worries I am the same way!

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