Welcome Aboard Spirit Of Discovery: A Photographic Journey

Today, I’m going to take you on a photographic tour through Spirit of Discovery. A lot of people requested more interior images, so I went around the ship a dozen times on my recent ‘Natural Scandinavia’ cruise, gathering as many pictures as physically possible, I even went to the Medical Centre for you! If there’s anything you’d like to know about the ship or something in particular you’d like to see, please let me know as chances are, I have the picture or know the answer to your question.

If you haven’t yet booked your cruise on Spirit of Discovery, then my question to you would be what are you waiting for? She is incredible and her crew are superb. The food was fantastic, entertainment was very good and varied (I really enjoyed the performance from Jools Holland and Ruby Turner) and the cabins are stylish and very comfortable. Her public areas are all spacious and beautifully designed, and I’m still obsessed with the self-service coffee machines in The Grill!

The atrium from above, showing decks 5, 6 and 7, where you’ll find the Library, Craft Room, South Cape Bar and living Room
The gorgeous atrium as seen from Deck 5 – directly in front of the Living Room.
One side of the Living Room. The Living Room bar is open from morning until 11pm. You can also get fresh finger sandwiches, pastries and ice cream here, and tea and coffee.
A section of the library on Deck 6.
The self-service coffee and tea area in the library. There’s no juice machine here, but there are 2 in The Grill.
Another angle of the library, it extends across a large area but is broken into sections so it feels cosy.
The Craft Room Deck 6
The Card Room on Deck 6
South Cape Bar on Deck 6. Est. 2019.
There are several sofas and tables just outside the South Cape Bar, if you’d prefer something more comfortable. I love the vases!
The promenade Deck, Deck 6.
The Promenade Deck aft
Get your laps in!
One angle of the Britannia Lounge on Deck 12. One of my absolute favourite spaces onboard. This is the place for evening dancing and live music.
The Britannia Lounge bar
I love the lighting above the bar in the Britannia Lounge.
Furnishings in the Britannia Lounge
In front of the Britannia Lounge – there’s a door behind the band area.
The Lido Deck. It’s a great place to enjoy day and night, and another of my favourite areas. I love the colours!
A wide-angle shot from the other direction showing the pool and loungers, and 2 hot tubs at the back.
A view point on Deck 13 aft.
You can do laps on Deck 13 and Deck 6
Shuffleboard on Deck 13.
Shuffleboard in the middle and then cosy chairs and sofas for lounging.
The Fairway on Deck 13 port side. You can play golf or a shooting game.
Ping Pong tables on Deck 12.
Don’t worry, the ice cream machine is still there! it’s on the Lido, next to the bar.
The boiled sweets are still there, too. They are on the Lido (just outside The Grill) on the starboard side.
Entrance to The Grill on Deck 12 aft. The Grill is inside and then there is outside seating on the verandah. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Grill is now a buffet dinner option on smart casual evenings. On formal nights, one side is waiter service and the other is buffet.
One of the seating areas in The Grill. On formal evenings you have the choice of buffet or waiter service. On smart casual evenings it is a buffet. This photo shows it set for dinner.
Another view of The Grill. This photo showing it set for lunch.
Ready for Sunday roast carving in The Grill.
Cheese selection as set up buffet-style.
Salad selection in The Grill.
Salad bar and outer grill on The verandah. You can enjoy self-service salad or table service for fish and chips, burgers, hot dogs and more.
The grill on The verandah.
Saga’s famous fish and chips at The Verandah grill.
The Verandah as seen from Deck 13.
The Grand Dining Room on Deck 5. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Another section within The Grand Dining Room.
Looking down into The Grand Dining Room from The Club above on Deck 6.
The Club by Jools Holland Deck 6. Open for dinner until 9pm and then it becomes an evening entertainment venue with live music.
I love The Club. It’s my joint favourite restaurant (with East to West) and the ambience is perfect.
On the port side, you can observe the galley team preparing the food for The Club.
Some of the galley team at The Club.
A filet mignon with thrice cooked chips and creamed spinach – my favourite!
East to West Deck 6 aft port side. Open for dinner only.
The new look East to West is gorgeous. The colours are fresh and vibrant.
King prawn massaman curry with jasmine rice, wilted pak choi and Chinese cabbage – absolutely delicious and not spicy at all.
Coast to Coast restaurant is on Deck 6 aft starboard side. Most dishes are seafood, but they do have a few other options. It’s ALWAYS fully booked, so make sure you get in there early. Open for dinner only.
Two seater tables as you enter Coast to Coast.
Larger tables in Coast to Coast
Lobster thermidor at Coast to Coast.
The Secret Garden Deck 6 aft outside East to West and Coast to Coast.
Her gorgeous tiered stern. Each deck has an aft access door on either side and a set of stairs either side. You’ll also find some sort of seating area on each.
And from above in the sunshine.
The gym is located on Deck 13 forward – above the Britannia Lounge. it can be accessed via the Deck 13 port side forward staircase (where the S500 cabins are) or via Deck 12 on the starboard side. Just before you enter the Britannia Lounge (starboard side), you’ll see a staircase on your left, that leads you to the gym.
The hydrotherapy pool within the spa on Deck 5. The spa is open 8am to 8pm.
Hot stone beds opposite the hydrotherapy pool.
The infra-red sauna
One of the treatment rooms
The Playhouse Theatre during a performance from Jools Holland and Ruby Turner. This space is used for theatre-style shows, lectures and live music.
The launderette on Deck 8. There’s also one on Deck 10. Washing powder is still provided.
The Medical Centre on Deck 4. That’s as much as we all need to know about that! 😉
The Shop on Deck 5. There’s also a jewellery shop on the other side of the Living Room.
One of the stairwells showcasing the incredible art onboard. It really is fabulous!
The new interactive TV system in each cabin is very good. They’re still working on additional features, but there’s a great movie collection.


If there’s anything else you’d like to see or something you’d like to ask, please do drop a comment and I’ll do my best to find you the picture or get you the answer.





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