Music Festivals On Cruises: Attracting A Whole New Demographic

Cruise aficionados know very well how incredible cruises are, but a lot of people who’ve never been on one are often unsure if the whole experience is for them. Of course, cruises are in fact for everyone, but with the rise of music festival cruises, we’re seeing the younger and perhaps less well-travelled generation flocking to sign up in their droves. So, what are these cruises, and why are they so appealing?

They Feature Some Incredible DJs And Bands

There are music festival cruises to suit everyone. From EDM to metal, jazz to blues, there are cruises with the biggest international artists around to appeal to music-lovers everywhere. There are even companies specialising in an entire range, such as Sixthman, who take over entire Norwegian Cruise Line ships. They’ve got an upcoming Kesha cruise, they’ve hosted the Warped Tour cruise, and bands like Kiss and Paramore have had their own cruises with them for years. They even do other themed cruises for TV shows and movies. They’re not alone in the industry though – there are others, such as Shiprocked, which basically rocks on a ship, as it sounds. You’ll also find events at sea such as Holy Ship, Groove Cruise and The Ark.

They Have Plenty More Entertainment

Once people have been lured in by the bands or artists they’re interested in, they soon realise just how amazing the cruises are in terms of features. One of the most fun places to hang out on a cruise is in the casino, and these have become a great place to speak to bands after hours. Picture the scene: After a long night of cocktails and singalongs, you head to the casino for a game of roulette and some down time. You can learn the rules before you leave or watch closely once onboard. It’s not rocket science, but you can get a feel for it. I only ever play roulette when I’m on a cruise ship, it’s my sea day treat.

There are also swimming pools onboard, and often additional facilities such as a climbing wall, a bowling alley and “themed” nights and parties! You will never be bored.

They Have All The Standard Cruise Inclusions

When you go to a festival ashore, you need to factor in just about everything. Need to eat? Sorry, you’ll likely be paying festival prices. Want a drink? Good luck with that, bank account! One of the appeals of a cruise is always that it includes everything you need in one place, at a high quality. Other festivals can often be equally expensive, without the extras.

When you’re partying all day, unlimited food comes in handy. You can eat at the buffet restaurants, poolside grills and in the main dining room for free, and there are often speciality dining options as well, but these do incur a small supplement. And if you upgrade to the unlimited alcohol package? Well, you’d best make the most of it!

These music cruises are great for meeting like-minded people, bonding with family and friends, and even seeing the world, with destinations across Mexico and the Caribbean and more. And crucially, they’re introducing the best form of travel around to an entirely new demographic and cementing what we’ve always known – cruises are cool.

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